This Can’t Be Happening

With Dave Lindorff
This Can’t Be Happening!:is a weekly interview program featuring host Dave Lindorff, founder of the collectively run online newssite. In hard-hitting interviews, often based upon articles appearing on that award-winning site, Lindorff talks with experts and fellow journalists on everything from the climate change crisis to the corrupt effort to mechanize and corporatize US education through the so-called Common Core curriculum. It’s news you won’t find anywhere else.

This Can’t Be Happening – 06.22.16

June 22, 2016

Vietnam War veteran and ThisCantBeHappening! collective members John Grant and show host Dave Lindorff talk about their two latest articles on, John's on the politicization of PTSD and Dave on the idea that assault weapons should not only be banned in the US for civilians, but also should be barred as standard issue weapons for police.

This Can’t Be Happening – 06.08.16

June 8, 2016

Kevin Zeese, former press spokesman for Ralph Nader's 2004 presidential campaign, Green Party activist, organizer with and currently part of a movement to push Bernie Sanders to run for president in the general election, discusses with host Dave Lindorff a proposal from Jill Stein and other Green Party leaders and activists to have Sanders run as their candidate for president, They go on to consider about how such a remarkable campaign could actually win the White House, either outright, or by negotiations in the Electoral College, and how a Sanders candidacy could institutionalize Sanders' 'Political Revolution' by transforming the Green Party from a perennial protest vote vehicle into a major national party of the left.

This Can’t Be Happening – 05.25.16

May 25, 2016

Greg Haddock, an activist in Germany with the #BernieOrBust movement that is urging Americans to pledge not to vote for Hillary Clinton if she gets, or steals, the Democratic presidential nomination from Bernie Sanders, talks about the campaign and about efforts to pressure Sanders to run in the coming General Election as an independent or as the Green Party's candidate if he doesn't get the Democratic Party's nod.

This Can’t Be Happening – 05.04.16

May 4, 2016

Seattle's socialist councilwoman Kshama Sawant talks about her efforts, including a petition at, to get Bernie Sanders to reject endorsing Hillary Clinton if she wins the Democratic nomination, and to instead continue to run for the general election, either as an independent or as the Green Party Candidate. Host Dave LIndorff also talks about a grass roots effort being organized to bring hundreds of thousands of Sanders backers to Philadelphia for the July 25 Dem Convention, to demand that Sanders not back Clinton if he doesn't get the nomination, but to run as an independent or a Green. Go to:

This Can’t Be Happening – 04.27.16

April 27, 2016

The guest today is Alfredo Lopez on the Bernie Sanders campaign. We're talking about Sanders in the wake of the Tuesday primaries in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, Connecticut and Rhode Island, about why Sanders has been unable to win the black vote anywhere and about where his campaign goes from here.

This Can’t Be Happening – 04.13.16

April 13, 2016

Host Dave Lindorff discusses the issues and the state of the contest between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton in the critical two upcoming Democratic presidential primaries in New York and Pennsylvania in a brisk call-in show that included people from Oklahoma and San Francisco.

This Can’t Be Happening – 03.23.16

March 23, 2016

John Grant, a member of the journalists' collective, discusses his latest article on the assassination of Honduran human rights and environmental activist Berta Caceres and the role of Hillary Clinton, as Obama's secretary of state, in the 2009 coup in that country which ousted a popular left-leaning president and launched an era of violent repression. Grant and host Dave Lindorff talk about the dreadful prospect of a Clinton presidency, given her history of supporting wars and government overthrows, not just in Latin America but around the globe.

This Can’t Be Happening – 03.02.16

March 2, 2016

TCBH! Host Dave Lindorff interviews Kansas prairie radical Michael Caddell about the Bernie Sanders surge developing in his state days ahead of the Saturday Democratic Party caucuses, and says that it could be a repeat of the caucus on Tuesday in neighboring Colorado, which Sanders won handily. Caddell also talks about his having just registered "for the first time in my life" as a Democrat in order to run for the Kansas state legislature "and raise hell there." In the second half of the program, guest and fellow PRN show host Glen Ford explains why Sanders is unlikely to win over many black voters in his primary campaign, saying most black voters simply want to "keep the White Party (the Republicans) from winning."

This Can’t Be Happening – 02.10.16

February 10, 2016

The morning after Bernie Sanders stunning trouncing of Hillary Clinton in the New Hampshire Democratic primary, long-time political activist Alfredo Lopez, a member of the news collective, talks with "This Can't Be Happening" host Dave Lindorff about the Sanders phenomenon, and how the left needs to respond to it.

This Can’t Be Happening – 01.20.16

January 20, 2016

Guest Davie Swanson, a pacifist, long-time peace activist and author of the book "War is a Lie," which makes the case that no war is justified, discuses with host Dave Lindorff the issue of Bernie Sanders long-time support for American imperialist wars and military actions. They look at the issue of whether this poor record means his campaign for president should or should not be supported, and conclude that the answer is, yes, but with constant criticism of his pro-militarist stance.
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