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Trends This Week – Trade Wars, Stocks, Real Estate and Gold. Winners and Losers

Where is the global economy going? While mainstream media endlessly talks about trade wars (there are none), the US government is going to have to make a deal to reduce their trillion dollar deficit with the Chinese. Along with a global economic slowdown due partially to people having less money to spend, Gerald forecasts modest growth with occasional downturns for …


Trends This Week – Obesity In U.S

Obesity in U.S. is not only unhealthy but costly. Cast of presidential reality show filling up. Where’s gold going? Lower interest rates put Economic 9/11 on hold. How low will they go? Download Here


Trends This Week – The Murderous Wars Around The World

The murderous wars around the world supported by the U.S. We The People are all accessories. Is a third party coming to the U.S.? The democratic presidential reality show. Mayhem in the Middle East. The declining world economy, the Venezuelan coup and more. Current events cause future trends.   Download Here


Trends This Week – Global Economic Slowdown

Global Economic Slowdown won’t crash markets. What will? What won’t. The 1% who own it all around the world? What’s up with interest rates?More human waves coming. The Celente Solution will solve the “Build the Wall” problem and end the Shutdown.   Download Here


Trends This Week – Education In The U.S

Gerald discusses education in the U.S., the potential for a much larger human wave from South and Central America, U.S. policy toward Iran could cause WWIII and Occupy Peace festival and events coming this year. Download Here

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Trends This Week – Trends This Week – 2019 Top Trends

Gerald Celente talks about his top trends for 2019 including the global economic slowdown, US obesity rates and commodity markets to watch. He takes a call from Canada before the break about corporations hurting, not helping Main Street. In the second half, he talks real estate markets, global migration trends and the perpetual US war state.’ Download Here

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Trends This Week – Trump’s Syrian pull-out

Gerald Celente talks about Trump’s Syrian pull-out and the Mattis’ resignation. He also reiterates that we all need to take responsibility for the deaths caused by U.S. support of wars and conflicts around the world. Bring all the troops home and Occupy Peace. Plus the causes of the diving stock market.   Download Here