Warrior Connection – 05.03.15

A discussion with Dr / Colonel Bart Billings on his book


Getting Back to Normal –

Dr. Bart Billings has served in the U.S. Army for approximately 34 years, both as an Enlisted Combat Engineer and a Medical Service Corps Officer. He has treated and educated tens of thousands of veterans as a clinical psychologist in the military and civilian private practice.

Warrior Connection – 04.12.15

Why are so many of our young Military personnel so messed up?

Many people think that Wounded Warriors are mainly comprised of those who have gone overseas to defend our Country. That is true to a great extent, but many of those who have not been deployed are also showing symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress.

Warrior Connection – 04.05.15

During the April 5 warrior connection  we  continue our discussion on suicide, medical care, and the va mess and how to correct it in honor of ssg paul lyons.  Draft suggestions include:  ALL THE PERTINENT DOCUMENTS ARE FULLY DISTRIBUTED   VA- DOD LEADERS must PUBICALLY ADMIT the CORRELATION BETWEEN TOXIC EXPOSURES AND ADVERSE HEALTH EFFECTS as already known in internal reports. …