Nature Bats Last – 12.13.16

After a five-week break, we focused on Guy’s recently completed speaking tour of New Zealand. We were joined by tour organizer and host Kevin Hester.


The Gary Null Show – 12.07.16

Today on The Gary Null Show, Gary gives the listeners advice/different ways to stay calm and how it benefits you, the topic of probiotics for multiple sclerosis and chemotherapy. In the second half of the program Gary plays a very important clip about the BBC explaing how they got caught staging fake news. After that extended clip Gary opens up the phone lines so the audience can give their thoughts.


Kirsten Brodde – Black Friday: Breathe, take a break – the planet can’t handle it anymore

Instead of chasing prey in the jungle like our ancestors did, we chase bargain clothing that seems like a good deal. Just look at the scenes that take place every year in American shopping malls on the fourth Friday of November, when people try to secure a favourable position in the queue outside shops in the early hours of the …


Nadia Prupis – ‘Game Over’ for Climate? Report Warns Warming Is Still Underestimated

Greenhouse gases are rising so fast that it could soon be “game over” for the climate, a leading scientist warned in response to a new study published Wednesday that finds the planet could be heading for more than 7°C warming within a lifetime. The study, published in the journal Science Advances, reported that the United Nations’ most accurate estimates on …


Bonnie Malkin – ‘Every breath is an effort’: Delhi residents suffer amid smog crisis

Residents and visitors to Delhi are struggling to cope with severe levels of toxic air pollution that have prompted authorities to declare an “emergency situation” in the city. Locals have expressed their concern over the dangerous smog on Twitter, with some saying they have been forced to take their families out of Delhi due to concerns over their health. Others …


Michael Safi – Indian government declares Delhi air pollution an emergency

The Indian government has declared severe levels of toxic air pollution in Delhian “emergency situation” as administrators announce a plan to temporarily shut construction sites and a coal-fired power station to bring the situation under control. Schools in the capital will be closed for three days and traffic may be rationed, following six days of heavy smog and concentrations of …

Tim Radford – Arctic Warming Gives U.S. and Europe the Chills

LONDON—Warming in the Arctic—one of the fastest-warming regions on the planet—could be heightening the chances of extreme winters in Europe and the US. As the Arctic warms, the stratospheric jet stream that brings occasionally catastrophic ice storms and record snow falls to the eastern United States could also be on the move, according to new research in the journal Nature …


Research into extreme weather effects may explain recent butterfly decline

Increasingly frequent extreme weather events could threaten butterfly populations in the UK and could be the cause of recently reported butterfly population crashes, according to research from the University of East Anglia (UEA). Researchers investigated the impact of Extreme Climatic Events (ECEs) on butterfly populations. The study shows that the impact can be significantly positive and negative, but questions remain …


Rio’s famous beaches take battering as scientists issue climate change warning

Scientists in Rio de Janeiro have warned that the city’s sea defences may not be able to cope with the effects of climate change after a record storm surge swamped beaches, dumping hundreds of tonnes of sand across nearby roads and buildings. Waves of almost four metres in the weekend storm left beach flags fluttering in tatters, forced the closure …