Joseph Mercola – Statin Nation: The Great Cholesterol Cover-up Part II

November 27, 2015

“Statin Nation II: What Really Causes Heart Disease?” is the sequel to the documentary “Statin Nation: The Great Cholesterol Cover-up [2].” However, it stands well on its own, even if you didn’t see the original film. For many decades, the idea that saturated fats caused heart disease reigned supreme, and diets shifted sharply away from saturated animal fats such as butter and lard, toward partially hydrogenated vegetable oils and margarine. Read

Just One Daily Dose of Walnuts Does All Of This

November 27, 2015

In addition to a valuable source of nutrients including omega-3 fats, copper, manganese and many others, walnuts have incredible health benefits including prevention of cardiovascular disease, metabolic syndrome and even diabetes. Researchers are convinced–more than ever before–about the nutritional benefits of walnuts when consumed in whole form, including the skin. We now know that approximately 90% of the phenols in walnuts are found in the skin, including key phenolic acids, tannins, and flavonoids. Some websites will encourage you to remove the walnut skin–that whitish, sometimes waxy, sometimes flaky, outermost part of shelled walnuts. There can be slight bitterness to this skin, and that’s often the reason that websites give for removing it. Read

JULIE FIDLER – Could Listening to Music Really Improve Your Health?

November 27, 2015

Here’s one more reason to rock out: music isn’t just good for the soul, it’s good for the body. Patients who listen to music before, during, and after surgery may have less pain, anxiety, and blood pressure than patients who don’t, a new analysis suggests. Surgery patients who got to pick their own playlists faired even better, researchers found. Dr. Diana Vetter, of the University of Zurich, and her colleagues analyzed data from 47 studies, 26 of which examined the effect of music before surgery, 25 that looked at music in the operating room and 25 that studied music during recovery. The team found that, over all, music was linked to about 31% less pain, 29% lower odds of needed pain medication and 34% less anxiety. [1] In addition, patients who listened to music had 40% lower blood pressure and 27% lower heart rate. Read

How to Build a Culture of Good Health

November 19, 2015

“I never get angry,” says a character in one of Woody Allen’s movies. “I grow a tumor instead.” Much more scientific truth is captured in that droll remark than many doctors would recognize. Mainstream medical practice largely ignores the role of emotions in the physiological functioning of the human organism. Yet the scientific evidence abundantly shows that people’s lifetime emotional experiences profoundly influence health and illness. And, since emotional patterns are a response to the psychological and social environment, disease in an individual always tells us about the multigenerational family of origin and the broader culture in which that person’s life unfolds. Read

Julia Marsh – Moms sue NYC over mandatory flu vaccinations

November 19, 2015

Using a similar argument to the one that helped defeat former Mayor Mike Bloomberg’s soda ban, five Manhattan and Brooklyn mothers with children in preschool are suing the city over its policy of mandatory flu vaccinations. The parents — ranging from a single mom in an East Harlem housing project to an investment banker in the Flatiron District — claim a 2013 rule passed by the city’s Health Department under Bloomberg is illegal because it was not voted on by state lawmakers. Read

Heather Callaghan – Are Supplement Hit Pieces A Natural Health False Flag?

November 19, 2015

Like a script from a movie you already know the ending to; each year we can expect a hoax study or attack on anything that is not FDA approved. It is with great hope that the average person will have enough sense to see through the latest propaganda of “debunking” all supplements based on faulty, cheap ones and those investigated by the FDA. Unfortunately, a lot of people might be like the elderly woman I talked to in 2012 who stopped getting natural help because of the media reports that equated vitamins to toxic poison. Special note to readers: This article was originally published in Dec 2013 but it goes to show, ’tis the season for supplement bashing! I have polished it just a bit to reflect present time. I needed to post this here to set a foundation for an article coming shortly – this has important information that’s crucial for “the rest of the story,” as Paul Harvey used to say. -H.C. Read

Amanda Froelich – Kenyan Doctors Find Anti-Fertility Agent In UN Tetanus Vaccine

November 18, 2015

The Kenya Catholic Doctors Association had six tetanus vaccinations from around Kenya tested, and 100% of them tested positive for the HCG antigen. The Kenya Catholic Doctors Association is charging UNICEF and WHO with sterilizing millions of girls and women under cover of an anti-tetanus vaccination program sponsored by the Kenyan government. While the government claims the tetanus vaccine is perfectly safe, the Kenya Catholic Doctors Association disagrees. According to LifeSiteNews, a Catholic organization, the Association had six different samples of the vaccine from various locations around Kenya tested in an independent laboratory in South Africa. Read

Antibiotics Fed to Livestock are Putting Kids’ Lives in Danger

November 18, 2015

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has issued a technical report warning that doctors’ ability to treat life-threatening infections in children is being compromised by the practice of adding antibiotics and other antimicrobial drugs to the feed of healthy livestock. “Children can be exposed to multiple-drug resistant bacteria, which are extremely difficult to treat if they cause an infection, through contact with animals given antibiotics and through consuming the meat of those animals,” said the report’s lead author Jerome A. Paulson, MD, FAAP in a statement. Nearly 80% of antibiotic use in the United States is in livestock. Many of the drugs are given to the animals for nontherapeutic use such as feed efficiency and growth promotion. Read

VALERIE BROWN AND ELIZABETH GROSSMAN – Why the United States Leaves Deadly Chemicals on the Market

November 17, 2015

A 6-month investigation finds that the revolving door between government and the chemical industry has led the EPA to rely on easily manipulated research. The result? Toxic substances remain in everyday products. Scientists are trained to express themselves rationally. They avoid personal attacks when they disagree. But some scientific arguments become so polarized that tempers fray. There may even be shouting. Such is the current state of affairs between two camps of scientists: health effects researchers and regulatory toxicologists. Both groups study the effects of chemical exposures in humans. Both groups have publicly used terms like “irrelevant,” “arbitrary,” “unfounded” and “contrary to all accumulated physiological understanding” to describe the other’s work. Privately, the language becomes even harsher, with phrases such as “a pseudoscience,” “a religion” and “rigged.” Read

NY Governor Expedites Legal Pot for Critically Ill Patients

November 16, 2015

Life is about to get a little bit easier for critically ill patients in New York, where Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed 2 bills into law recently that will establish an “emergency medical marijuana” program individuals can use to resolve their ailments. The passage of a 2014 law added New York to a list of nearly 2 dozen states where medical marijuana is available to patients. Today’s signing of the 2 bills accelerates how quickly critically ill patients are able to legally utilize cannabis, particularly those whose lack of access to the drug “would pose a serious risk” to their lives, such as people suffering from cancer or seizures.  Cuomo inked the bills just shy of a midnight deadline and came after patients, families, supporters and some celebrities had spent months pressuring the state’s government to take action to allow emergency access to medical marijuana. [1] Read
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