Americans Evaluate Trump’s Character Across 13 Dimensions

Americans Evaluate Trump’s Character Across 13 Dimensions Half or more in U.S. say Trump is intelligent, decisive, can bring about changes Trump below average on working with both parties, choosing advisers Little change on most dimensions since Trump took office Read More


Anger in America

Anger in America US President Donald Trump has exploited popular anger to advance his own interests, but he did not create that anger. America’s elites have spent decades doing that, creating the conditions for a figure like Trump to emerge. Read More


Trump’s Brutality Is Part of Obama’s Legacy Now

Trump’s Brutality Is Part of Obama’s Legacy Now On Oct. 14, 2011, an order by Barack Obama resulted in the murder of Abdulrahman al-Awlaki, a 16-year-old American boy. Obama had ordered the execution of the boy’s father, also an American citizen, allegedly a member of the al-Qaeda network, two weeks before. Read More  

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The Gary Null Show #WalkProgressive

Today, to call oneself a Progressive means you support and advocate human values and ethics that respect, honor and promote the well-being of everyone in society and around the globe. Every person, regardless of gender, race, ethnicity or sexual orientation has the right to live a satisfying and healthy life free of any economic, political or socialized enslavement. Progress is …


If Michael Moore Is A True Liberal, Why Is He Supporting A Fascist Neo Con For President – Gary Null

October 21, 2016   Dear Michael,   I have known you for many years as a fellow film director and have admired your productions and efforts to shine a spotlight on many of the ills in our government and society.  I have considered you a loyal liberal. Nevertheless your recent wholehearted support of Hillary Clinton and the Democratic party has …