Latin America

Expat Files – 06.14.15

It just might happen that a Latin friend or acquaintance will try to get you to support a local scumbag politician. Remember, it’s a huge feather in a politico’s hat to have a real live gringo at his or her event. Its considered a 1st world stamp of approval. No use telling a Latin that after a while, no matter how innocent and sincere these politicians seem at first, they all inevitably become scumbags. It’s just not news and everyone knows it. So what do you do when something like that happens, and how do you get out of a situation like that diplomatically or otherwise? Or should you? 
-Here’s another very bad Latin custom to keep an eye out for. At Christmas, Easter and national holidays- in mostly poor and lower class sections of big cities- certain lower class type of drunk macho guys think it’s good fun to occasionally discharge firearms into the sky. As old Yosemite Sam knows all too well, what goes up must come down and people do get hurt. So here’s the scoop on another stupid macho past time. By the way, wealthy Latins with bodyguards and more money than brains sometimes get nuts like that too… especially at World Cup time.      
-More great examples of your “Gringo Advantage” in business.
-Great insider tips on learning Spanish… from a loyal listener in the thick of it along with some odd Latin homespun household customs and remedies.
-A “boots on the ground” discussion of vaccines in Latin America and the Latin public’s complete lack of awareness.
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