Expat Files – 11.05.17

#1- There’s something rotten about Latin public cemeteries. Today we have a few good reasons PUBLIC cemeteries are NOT such a good final resting place for you or your loved ones. But then again they’re dirt cheap- and when you’re dead you’re dead.
#2- Lots of Gringos and Expats order stuff from Amazon, Ebay, Alibaba, etc. Today we have a few practical tips that will make that experience much easier. For example, sometimes during the internet ordering process a discouraging window will pop-up saying, “Sorry, this item does not ship to your country”. Is it over then? No dice? Not to worry and here’s why….
#3-Parking tickets and moving violations: to pay or not to pay…
that is the question.
Most Latin police departments, except for those on the gringo trail, do not have their traffic ticket and moving violation offenses cataloged in a central data base. That means there is no blow-back or followup on the fines. Latinos know this and most just don’t bother paying up. Of course that situation will change as “lag time” kicks in, but for now its still, “to pay or not to pay”…that is the question.
#4- When Gringos and Expats go “off the utility grid” in Latin America- or nearly so;
 Part 1
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