Gary Null Cookbook

Curing the Incurable Cookbook is an important offering that comes to us at a critical time in human history. As I have written extensively in my own publications, we as a nation are facing unprecedented, widespread disease that is, quite frankly, shocking for our relative affluence and accomplishment compared to other nations around the globe.

Saving the Planet One Bite at a Time: Our Planet Needs Your Immediate Attention. Tens of millions of Americans do not believe in global warming or deny that climate change is being driven by human activity. Others accept the consensus from the vast majority of scientists in the international community that anthropogenic climate change is real; however, most do not fully understand it.
“Earth’s Carbon Concentrations Have Soared to Levels Not Seen in 800,000 Years”
“Summers Are Getting Hotter Faster, Especially in North America‚Äôs Farm Belt: New Study Shows Antarctic Melting Approaching ‘Unstoppable’ Tipping Point”