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Strategies for a new social transformation moving into the future to challenge the powers of Washington and corporate America

Kevin Zeese is an attorney and political activist. He is the co-director of Its Our Economy, director of Come Home America, an organizer for the National Occupation of Washington DC and one of the original developers of Occupy Washington.   He has worked for 3 decades on drug policy reform and serves as the president of the organization Common Sense on Drug Policy.  In 2006 Kevin ran on the Maryland ballot for the US Senate with the Maryland Green Party. He was Ralph Nader’s press secretary for his 2004 presidential campaign and  worked closely with Ralph Nader’s group Democracy Rising to oppose the Iraq War.  Among his activist work is challenging the Chamber of Commerce and Karl Rove’s Americans Crossroads organization, seeking to overturn Citizens United, and efforts to bring Rupert Murdoch to justice for phone hacking.

A frequent co-author of articles with Dr. Margaret Flowers that appear in Counterpunch, Truthdig, Common Dreams, Washington Post, Alternet and other progressive online news sources.  He also co-hosts Clearing the Fog radio with Dr. Flowers.  His websites are and

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