The Gary Null Show – 02.16.17

The food crisis facing America and the urgent need for the mobilization of a Local Food Revolution

Michael Brownlee is a leading national pioneer in the local food movement, whose efforts in preserving food sustainability in his home state of Colorado is being recognized in other regions of the nation. He is the co-publisher of Local Food Shift magazine that promotes the urgent shift from a globalized industrial food system to a localized regional food supply chain and ways to build local food economies.  Michael is a co-founder of the Boulder Local Food Group, formerly Transition Colorado – the first officially recognized Transition Town initiative in North America. Transition Towns, started by Rob Hopkins in the UK, are based on building community resilience and self reliance at the local levels.  He is the author of “The Local Food Revolution: How Humanity Will Feed Itself in Uncertain Times.”  His website, with many excellent articles and practical information is LocalFoodShift.pub

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