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The Gary Null Show – 02.28.18


A Look Back at the Origins of America as an Incoherent Empire

Prof Michael Mann is Distinguished Research professor of sociology at the University of California Los Angeles and has specialized in fascism and how humans use and abuse power and perpetuate violence, including institutionalized ethnic cleansing. He is the author of the 4 volume series “The Sources of Social Power” which traces the history of power and its abuse in human societies from prehistorical times to the present.  In 2003 Prof Mann published the important and insightful  book “Incoherent Empire” critiques the US’s war on terror as a clumsy experiment in neo-imperialism. And his a co-author of the more recent “Does Capitalism Have a Future” published by Oxford University Press.  He holds a doctorate in sociology from Oxford in the UK as well as honorary doctorates from McGill University, University College Dublin, and the University of Aegean. He has also held teaching positions at Cambridge University, London School of Economics, Yale and elsewhere. 

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