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The Gary Null Show – 07.28.17

Opening a new trial case for Sirhan Sirhan, the accused lone assassin of Robert Kennedy — and the evidence of the murder being a US intelligence-led operation.

William Pepper is an international civil and human rights attorney based in  New York best best known for representing Martin Luther King’s accused assassin, James Earl Ray. In 1967, Dr. King had reached out to Dr. Pepper regarding an essay he had written for Ramparts magazine concerning Vietnamese victims of American napalm missions. He  was present at Dr. King’s famous Riverside Church speech.  William was the citizens chairman for Robert Kennedy’s run for the Senate in Westchester Country and also a counsel for Robert Kennedy’s assassin Sirhan Sirhan arguing for a second shooter, a trial he is now trying to reopen in an international court.. William has received undergraduate and graduate degrees from Columbia, a doctorate in education from the University of Massachusetts, a Juris Doctoral degree from Boston College and also studied at the London School of Ecoomics and Political Science.  His most recent book — “The Plot to Kill King: The Truth Behind the Assassination of Martin Luther King Jr” published by Sky Horse Publishing —  is the result of 39 years of research and gathering of documentation and sworn testimonies on new confirmed information that will revise the history behind the assassination of Dr. King . 

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