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Rob Kall is an American journalist and founder of the progressive, liberal news site Oped News, which was launched in 2003. In addition to being a long time anti-war and social activist.  He was ranked by Mediate  as one of the top 200 print/online columnists and OpedNews received the first Pillar Human Rights Reward for International Persons of Conscience awarded to the media for his support of whistleblowers. He is the author of several books, most recently the important “The Bottom Up Revolution: Mastering the Emerging World of Connectivity,” which provides a blue print for an ethical change in the dominant paradigm that has been recognized by people familiar to this audience, such as Henry Giroux, David Korten, Paul Craig Roberts and John Kiriakou.  Rob also hosts the Rob Kall Bottom Up News Hour every Wednesday at 8 pm on the Progressive Radio Network. His website is

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