The Gary Null Show Today May 29th 2017!

Gary is live today back in New York talking about The Deep State and what we have to do to take back our democracy!

The Deep State – 4 CD Set

“An invisible empire has been set up in our nation above the forms of democracy, a power so organized, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete and so pervasive that some of the biggest men in the US in the fields of commerce, manufacturing and government know they better not speak with their breath when the speak in condemnation of this group.”


These words spoken President Woodrow Wilson in 1913 refer to small group of men who since the end of the Civil War have controlled the US’s domestic and foreign policy from behind the scenes. Acting from the shadows they were behind the assassinations of the Kennedy brothers and the Warren Commission, the creation of the CIA, Watergate and Iran Contra, funding the Third Reich’s rise to power, the 911 attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon, and the launching of a never-ending war against terrorism. Their activities are critical stories that have shaped American history and politics. We imperil ourselves and our children by remaining ignorant about this cabal and its militarist agenda to wrap its muscular structure around the planet.

No better person alive today can tell this history than our nation’s most important and influential Constitutional and public defense attorneys – Danny Sheehan. During the past 45 years, Danny has handled such cases as the Pentagon Papers, the Watergate break-in, Iran-Contra, the Silkwood Murder and the Three Mile Island nuclear facility disaster.