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On today’s Heart of Mind Radio, Host Kathryn Davis welcomes back Katrina Taylor and introduces guests Onaje Muid and Fatima Hafiz for a discussion on “Reweaving the Fabric of Our Communities.” Onaje and Fatima are lifelong practitioners of the Healing Arts and Sciences with a focus on trauma release, Indigenous recovery and empowerment, Sound and frequency Technologies.


Fatima Hafiz, PhD

Dr. Hafiz has over 35 years of experience in teaching, facilitating groups and coaching professionals in education, social service, business, health and government organizations, as well as organizing and inspiring local communities struggling with racial, economic and social justice issues. She has taught numerous courses and facilitated over 200 workshops focused on community engagement, inter-group dialogue, social justice, and multicultural competency development. She is primarily interested in enhancing the emotional intelligence and capacity of human service providers to deliver social supports in a transformative way to diverse groups.

Fatima’s teaching record is quite extensive, having taught on the graduate and undergraduate levels at Temple University, University of Pennsylvania and Brooklyn College. Dr. Hafiz has continuously used social, political and economic history as context for teaching education from a human development lens. Throughout her teaching practice, social welfare policy has been the unifying thread for analyzing and developing student’s capacity to use a critical evaluation lens to understand human behavior in the social environment.


Onaje Muid’s social work activist career combined human services and human rights, especially for descendants of formerly enslaved Africans and indigenous peoples in the Western Hemisphere. He serves as a faculty member of OASAS Bureau of Talent Management and Performance Improvement Learning and Development Unit, teaching Cultural  Competency ( Faculty Member 11055).  Born from his  25 year clinical experience in senior administrator roles, he has served in and trained for  substance abuse prevention, outpatient and residential facilities. His holds a master’s degree in social work from SUNY-Stony Brook in 2004 and was appointed to their alumni board in December or 2014.

He was awarded the Exemplary Mid-Career Award from NASW (2014) only to be surpassed when inducted into the New York Academy of Medicine as a fellow (2015). He serves as the Non Governmental Organization  United Nations representative for the International Association for American Minorities (IHRAAM). He has focused his life’s work on researching and understanding historical trauma in the oppressed communities and creating the healing modalities, policies and structures to alleviate health disparities through systems transformation. He is currently in private practice, teachers and in consultation with the Department of Health in NYC for the  Cure Violence Initiative.  His current project is co-organizer of the Randy Weston Retreat, September 22-24.





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The raping of young black girlsIn Re-Centering: Culture and Knowledge in Conflict Resolution Practice, edited by Mary Trujillo, S.Y. Bowland, Linda James Myers, Phillip M. Richards, and Beth Roy. Syracuse University Press.

“Then I found my spirit”The meaning of the United Nations World Conference Against Racism and the challenges of the historical trauma movement with research considerations. Pimatisiwin: An International Journal of Aboriginal and Indigenous Community Health. Volume 4 #2, http://www.pimatisiwin.com.


Guest Contact Information:

Onaje Muid    iam_healing@aol.com

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Healing Ourselves and Our Community: Harmonizing in Retreat

with Dr. Randy Weston and Pir Zia Inayat-Khan

September 22 – 24, 2017


In a world of diversity, music is the universal language that can speak to hearts across the distinctions and differences that divide us.  Master Musician Dr. Randy Weston speaks the language of not only music but mysticism, influenced by Sufi mystic and musician, Inayat Khan.  Hazrat Inayat Khan’s son, Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan, founder of the Abode, was also a musician and Sufi teacher and so this retreat focuses on music, mysticism, and the healing that comes forth for serving all of humanity.

We invite you to join us for this people of color heal the healers weekend retreat of sound, healing, and harmony! People of color in North America have a distinct experience with privilege structures that have limited their ability to determine the healing processes needed for themselves and the communities they serve. This retreat creates an opportunity to gather, heal, and share their understandings of the issues facing themselves and the communities they serve.

This event is inspired by the intention to bring healing to the world and the most marginalized communities which have experienced the brunt of pain and suffering — physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  We need healers of color who are supported and can experience healing themselves.  By being present to their own suffering, they will be able to be more effective, life-affirming and self-determining.  Healers of color are under-recognized, even in their own communities.  This event will bring them together in sacred space to honor their own experience, connect with each other, provide support and offer them resources to bring back to the community.  We include the universal language of music, that generates our spirit.  Randy Weston epitomizes this, through the form of jazz which comes from the African experience in America, bringing people together.  The organizers and Dr. Weston have all benefited from the Sufi path.  This program is for healers of all spiritual traditions.  The goal is to support not only the Message through this path but also the music and the contributions of all who will participate, the Message of Unity.  This event is to recognize and support humanity, wherever we are, in a world that is continuously hurting.  

Healers of color are often limited in available resources, and funds are needed to support participants to attend this event for tuition, transportation costs and related expenses.  Funds will also be used to support Dr. Weston’s participation and to secure the venue.  

Funds are needed immediately.

Your act of kindness and financial support is an affirmation of humanity, that we can solve all our problems together.  This will provide us an opportunity to determine, ourselves, what is important to us and our community, and to contribute in ways that have been difficult to accomplish heretofore.  The heartfelt need for justice, social repair, and support of the needs for healing spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically for those who see the pain in the world can be met by coming together.  We will be very grateful for your help.

To contribute to the fund drive  go to https://www.gofundme.com/wounded-healers-retreat

info on TEA  www.theteagroup.org

Meditation & Movement for
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