Heart of Mind Radio – 08.17.19

On today’s Heart Of Mind Radio for the New Millennium, host Kathryn Davis speaks with Paul Sladkus, founder of the Good News Planet, a humanitarian media company, We discuss the importance of engaging in positive thinking and surrounding oneself with healthy energy. We discuss the release of Pauls full-length documentary film Woodstock Forever, a companion book and video game titled Hug for Peace. To find out how you can access all this go to woodstockforever.orgInformation on the events mentioned are linked below.

Featured Music: Frog Dancing by David Anthony Clark


Paul Sladkus is founder and president of Good News Planet, a non-profit website devoted to non-violent, life-affirming, thought-provoking good news. Paul is a veteran producer and television executive. Prior to opening Milestone Broadcast Corporation in 1985, Paul worked at CBS and PBS on over 150 shows and series representing some of the worlds most celebrated television programs including Sonny and Cher, The Carol Burnett Show, All in the Family, The Nature Series, The Brain Series and CBS News.

GNC added current media icons in the fair use news to tell the story and every day citizens who represent and act in Peace, Love & HOPE into the movie. 
Here are two direct links for the sizzle reel the rough cut of the movie: 

Hug For Peace Video Game:

Movie Showings: Woodstock Festival, August 16,17,18, Pan American Film Festival Toronto Film Festival 9/11,12, Hampton's Watermill, Times Square September 21st, Central Park 9/15

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