Heart of Mind Radio – 10.22.18

On today’s Heart Of Mind, Radio for the New Millennium, host Kathryn Davis is joined by Julia Mossbridge, Phd, scientist, scholar and author of “The Premonition Code, The Science of Precognition, How Sensing the Future Can Change Your Life,” and Mitchell Rabin, holistic psychotherapist and life-coach. For a dialog about time, space and precognition.

Featured music: Frog Dancing by David Anthony Clark

Special Events:

A Better World Presents Reading the Future: A Conversation with neuro-scientist Julie Mossbridge & holistic psychotherapist Mitchell Rabin – Tuesday, Oct. 30, 7-9pm, Ascension Church 12 West 11th St. (just west of 5th Ave.).

Requested Donation: $10/person – Click Link:

Check Out the NEW LIFE EXPO – October 26 – 28 in New York City

Wyndham Hotel New Yorker – 481 8th Ave at 34th Street – https://newlifeexpo.com/ 

Web connect for today’s guests:

Mitchell Rabin: http://abetterworld.tv/ –

Julia Mossbridge: https://thepremonitioncode.com/ – https://www.spiritualtechnologies.io/speaker/julia-mossbridge/

Guest Bios:

Julia Mossbridge, PhD, is a Scientist at IONS & the Director of the IONS Innovation Lab. She is also a Visiting Scholar in the Psychology Department at Northwestern. Her research interests:  time & the unconscious mind, intuition, dreaming, soundscape influence on mood, & models of transformation & transcendence. Julie Mossbridge is co-author with Theresa Cheung of : “The Premonition Code, The Science of Precognition, How Sensing the Future Can Change Your Life,

Mitchell Rabin, M.A., L.AC., holistic psychotherapist, life-coach, stress management consultant with a background in traditional Chinese acupuncture, host of A Better World Radio & TV, environmentalist, social entrepreneur and international speaker, workshop leader, student of Wisdom Traditions East & West, parapsychology and intrepid explorer of human potential & possibility.

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