Heart of Mind Radio – 10.27.18

On today’s Heart Of Mind, Radio for the New Millennium, host Kathryn Davis speaks with Andrew Kaen, a vibrational sound channel and healer, singer/soulwriter, about the experience of oneness, unity and soul expression. Andrew shares a chant and poem for oneness. Kathryn shares some thoughts on nurturing the soul, and opening to its wisdom and guidance.
Featured Music: Frog Dancing by David Anthony Clark
Andrew Kaen is Founder and Executive Producer of Planet Heart’s annual world peace earth day celebration and a Coordinator at We, The World. He is also a vibrational sound channel and healer, singer/soulwriter and vibrational poet sharing his gifts to be a connector and transmitter for world peace, oneness and unconditional love, having been awakened to unity consciousness 22 years ago and activated with channeling, clairsentience clairaudience and receiving higher dimensional frequencies of galactic sound channeling, sacred chants, and sacred poetry all connected to oneness and peace. He is also an Ambassador For Peace. His name Andrew Kaen if scrambled is an ACRONYM spells ReAwakennd, which he feels is his true Soul Name to be ReAwakennd Andrew Kaen Re Awakening others to remember we are all one heart beat beating with earth mother Gaia and all her living creatures and plants. websites: www.reawakennd.com and www.planetheart.org.

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