Heart of Mind Radio – 04.29.16

On today’s Heart Of Mind Radio, host Kathryn Davis welcomes back the author, healer and spiritual teacher Sergio Magaña for a talk on Toltec spiritual practices.

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Today’s Guest:

Sergio Magaña Ocelocoyotl, a well-known healer and spiritual teacher from Mexico City initiated into the 5,000-year-old Toltec lineage of Mesoamerica, is the author of 2012-2021 Dawn of the Sixth Sun and The Toltec Secret: Dreaming Practices of the Ancient Mexicans, 2014.

He travels extensively and has a community of over 50,000 students in Mexico, the USA, Italy, The Netherlands, Spain and the UK. Sergio was chosen by his Nahuatl speaking teachers to be the one to bring the ancient knowledge of the Toltecs and Aztecs to the world. He is a well-known and respected healer in Mexico, who has been initiated into the 5,000-year-old Tol shamanic lineage (Nahualism) of dreaming knowledge of the Toltec or Toltecayotl lineage of Mesoamerica.

He is appointed by Club UNESCO to be the representative whose job it is to preserve Mexico’s Immaterial Nahuatl Culture. He was invited to perform the Toltec ceremony for the Winter Solstice of 2012 for UNESCO along with seven other indigenous traditions from around the world. He is an active presenter at many conferences worldwide, including – Gateways of the Mind conference sponsored by the prestigious Royal Geographical Society of London; Breaking Convention, sponsored by the University of Kent; Mind, Body, Spirit UK and Open Center in New York City.





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