Heart of Mind Radio – 07.17.15

On today’s program host Kathryn Davis offers inspiration toward mindfulness as a way of living through both the good and the times of life. We feature the work of Pema Chodron an American born Buddhist nun and teacher.

The first segment is called Our Potential is Limitless, from a live program 4 Marks of Existence recorded at the Omega Institute. The full talk is available on CD audio program The Truth Of Our Existence, (10’46 min)

The second segment is called Why We Should Meditate speaks to widening the circle of compassion and being in the moment, no matter what arises. It comes from the audio program Pure Meditation talks about the true practice of meditation. (11’43 min)

The third segment is called Being Fully Present, which comes from an audio program called Natural Awareness and speaks about undoing ourselves rather than doing or non-meditation allowing natural awareness to arise within you. (7’32 min)

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