Alexander Acuna

ALEXACUNAAlexander Acuna
Host of Healthcare Solutions the NDC Savings Club

Wednesdays at 2:00 pm (EST)
Alexander Acuna is the principal and driving force behind NDC Savings Club and the National Drug Card He brings over 25 years of business and marketing expertise to the role. Mr. Acuna has a background as a creative project manager and a track record of helping people with their healthcare needs. A pivotal factor in his considerable success has been his ability to partner with companies that maintain their competitive edge by offering innovative products and services geared towards helping people lead more fulfilling lives.

The National Drug Card was created by Alexander Acuna in 2005, a Washington, D.C. based organization that offers Free discount drug cards to millions of people across the United States and its territories that have little or no prescription insurance to help them save money on their medication. Anyone is eligible for the card, but it especially benefits those with No health insurance, senior citizens, small business owners, families, college students, the unemployed and the undocumented. Additionally, individuals who have prescription benefits can use the card to receive discounts on medications not covered by their plan, and even people with high co-pay can use the card to save money on their medications.

In response to the ongoing Economic Healthcare Crisis Mr. Acuna has just recently launched the nation’s first consumer savings program the NDC Savings Club. This new program offers more than 75 types of healthcare savings and preferred pricing benefits, with discounts on medical, dental, vision, labs, blood work, Lasik, podiatry, diabetes care, hearing aids, holistic& natural  medicine, legal services, travel club, shopping, groceries, entertainment and more. The NDC Savings Club website also includes sections dedicated to savings specifically for men, women and seniors

“The National Drug Card and the NDC Savings Club was created to help all of us save money on all things we need on a daily basis. Please join my live weekly PRN show where I will be answering your questions and providing valuable information on our great benefits.”