Michael Olson

michael-olson-300x300Host of The Food Chain
Saturdays at 6:00 pm (EST)

Olson cultivated his first crop at the age of six with what he imagined, at the time, was the world’s biggest tractor. He has since participated in the commercial production of beans, beets, blueberries, cattle, garlic, hay, oats, shallots, strawberries, turf grass, wheat and wine grapes in the states of California, Montana and Oregon. Olson also consults on farm projects throughout the world, with projects ranging from the City of Watts to the island nation of Cyprus, to the jungles of the Amazon.

Michael Olson produced, wrote and/or photographed feature-length news for a variety of media, including the San Francisco Chronicle and Examiner newspapers, Skiing and Small Space Gardening magazines, NBC, ABC, Australian Broadcast Commission, and KQED Public Television networks. His production and photography helped win a National Emmy nomination for NBC Magazine with David Brinkley. Olson is the author of MetroFarm, the Ben Franklin Book of the Year Finalist and Executive Producer and Host of the syndicated Saturday Food Chain radio talk show, which received the Ag/News Show of the Year Award from the California Legislature.

Olson designed, blended and packaged a fertilizer for container-grown house and garden plants; certified and registered the product as a “specialty fertilizer” with the State of California; sold the product to the national lawn and garden market. As General Manager of two newstalk radio stations, KSCO & KOMY in Santa Cruz, California, Olson has over twelve years experience helping local, regional and national businesses compete within the metropolitan marketplace. Olson is currently President of the MO MultiMedia Group in Santa Cruz, California.