How to Grow You Own Salad Sprouts – Shannon Stonger

After decades of poor results through the industrialized food system, it seems we are hearing about a homegrown revolution more and more. Indeed, growing one’s own food is a certain means of knowing exactly what is going into the many plants and animal products that go on the table.

But there are many challenges that don’t make this simple task as easy as it may seem. Land, soil health, and seasonality all present challenges to the ideal of sowing the seeds of our supper with our own two hands.

Thankfully there is a way to grow enzyme-rich raw vegetables right in the home kitchen without the need for soil or land. Some seeds, water, and simple equipment are all that is necessary.

The Wonder of Sprouts

Sprouts have long been touted for their many health benefits and for good reason. Rich in bioavailable nutrients, the young shoots of the seed add enzymes and all the benefits of raw food to your meals.

What’s even better is that sprouts are quite simple to make. With some very basic equipment and a handful of seeds, a quart of sprouts can be prepared in the home kitchen within days.

Choosing Salad Sprout Seeds

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