Janine Jackson – Climate Change Is Not the Future

Posted on: December 4th, 2013 by admin   Categories: Business Environment

A comment from a Los Angeles Times editor that the paper doesn’t print letters that deny human-induced climate change because they have “an untrue basis” (Washington Times, 10/11/13) didn’t cause quite the stir conservatives might have hoped for—probably because it reflects a growing sense that it’s long past the time for journalism to be debating whether such change is happening, and that even where denialist claims are rebutted, they distort and derail the discussion.

Sadly, corporate reporters’ fealty to notions of partisan balance means that many stories on climate policy still include the predictable protests of deniers like Sen. James “God’s still up there” Inhofe (R.-Ok.). Weather reporting notoriously whistles past the issue. And business section stories on the energy industry implicitly accept the centrality of fossil fuels—essentially leaving specialty science or environmental reporting as the only arena in which the reality of climate change is taken as a given.

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