Jay Janson – Hillary Destroyed Gaddafi And Libya’s Free Health Care And Education Sanders Wants For USA

It would seem Sanders fighting for Americans to have free health care and free education would have tempered his words about a Gaddafi who saw to his people receiving for many years what Bernie wants for Americas. Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton and the pro status quo Republican candidates opposing her are perhaps already an anachronism, i.e., persons with practices that belongs to an earlier time.

Investors speculating in extremely profitable but illegal and genocidal use of the nation’s Armed Forces, secret services, sanctions and a media cartel that controls 98% of all print and electronic information, run the United States, and for their intents and purposes, almost all of the rest of the planet. However, from  sources within that two per cent of information that is beyond the control of a monstrously criminal monolithic media, we learn that sixty-two of these speculating investors have wealth equal to the wealth owned by one half of the world’s population. Often such incriminating information is provided in braggadocio by overconfident criminals, as when Secretary of State Hillary Clinton openly sought credit for the assassination of Muammar Gaddafi, quipping in laughter upon her arrival in Tripoli as a conqueror, “We came, we saw, he died” paraphrasing a famous brag of Roman Emperor Julius Caesar.

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