Juan Cole – 6 Problems Worse Than Terrorism in America

Every time a person of Middle Eastern heritage who ought to have been committed to an insane asylum but wasn’t (because rich people who don’t want to pay taxes successfully lobbied to get rid of insane asylums) commits violence, our press and politicians hit the panic button.  This is so even though you are more likely to die falling in your bathtub than of terrorism.

So here are some problems that are demonstrably worse than terrorism:

1.  Guns.  Between 2001 and 2013, over 400,000 Americans died of gunshot wounds.  In the same period, 3,380 died of terrorism.  One problem seems orders of magnitude more important than the other, despite the numbers being skewed by the inclusion of the highly unusual mass-casualty event of 9/11.  Averaged out, about 282 Americans have died in terrorism per year (it falls to more like 9 if you start in 2002). We are told we have to spend trillions, mobilize police and the military, and give our all to end terrorism.

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