Leid Stories—Chaos and Crisis: American Democracy in the Age of Trump—06.12.17

No question, things have changed, and are changing, dramatically in the Age of Trump, and the changes are all-encompassing—from the very definition of democracy and national identity to a recalibration where and how America interacts with the world.

Approaching the end of the second quarter of his brand-new administration, it is fair to say that President Trump is proceeding with his plan to substantially, if not totally, change the existing social, political and economic order. But it’s already taken a toll, his impetuous, not-well-thought actions and policies creating havoc and anxiety for Americans and unnecessary rifts within the world community of nations, even with allies.

Against the backdrop of the most recent crisis the nation is dealing with—the White House-caused political upheaval in Washington—Leid Stories listeners discuss Trump’s role in “making America great again” with his different approaches to governing.

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