Leid Stories—More Probes, More Evidence of Wrongdoing, But the Clintons’ Eyes Are On the White House—09.06.16

Sixty-two days before the general election and Hillary Clinton seems convinced that her only problem is beating Donald Trump to the presidency and claiming her “rightful” place in history. Yet she’s at the very center of a political and legal maelstrom that not only has signaled very rough road ahead for her, but in the home stretch has begun to unleash its ambition-blocking power.

The Clinton Foundation (officially the Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Clinton Foundation) and its collection of pseudophilanthropic offshoots have put the Clintons—and Hillary’s presidential campaign—under several microscopes. The alarm over what is being discovered and revealed   is getting louder and louder, and wider and wider.

Financial expert and investor Charles Ortel (charlesortel.com), who independently has been investigating the operations of the Clinton Foundation and its related entities, has been detailing on Leid Stories his contention that the foundation for years has been engaging in “massive charities fraud.”

In today’s edition of Leid Stories, he continues with his explosive findings, which have become essential to several ongoing investigations.

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