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Let’s Create A Better World – 08.24.17

Genetically engineered foods.

All the latest information about what’s happening  with our food regarding GMO’s – that’s Genetically Modified Organisms

Pamm Larry, our guest, is a major leader and activist exposing the truth about GMO’s and the companies that make them and are trying to force them on us. She outlines a lot of information about the past and current situation and warns us about negatives to watch out for.

Later in the show, Pamm and our two co-hosts discuss some options for being able to make sure that you have the best quality food that is fresh, organic and most nutritious, as well as save money and avoid GMO foods and pesticides.  These options include going to farmers’ markets, joining community groups that grow their own foods, joining a co-op, or growing your own food at home, some of which you can grow in your own kitchen.

This is a very informative show to hear and learn from; be aware and know what you can do to be healthy.

Pam’s website is