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Let’s Create A Better World – 08.30.17

One  of our most popular guests, Ellie Laks, talks about animals, love, staying positive and

had various ideas and methods to make this a better world.

Ellie, the founder and director of the Gentle Barn, a sanctuary for unwanted and abandoned animals, pointed out and discussed common characteristics that animals share with humans like their ability to love, having compassion, and their need to learn.They also feel pain just like us, and, above all, don’t want to die – just like us. Ellie also talked about healing injured animals using acupuncture, massage, rehab equipment and most of all giving the animals lots of love.

She welcomes people to come out and visit her Gentle Barn animal sanctuaries which are located in different parts of the the country (U.S.) and she especially encourages children to come there to experience the animals from a different perspective – up close and ‘personal’..

Her website is

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