Love Lust And Laughter – 04.25.17

Living entails experiencing the pain of loss – both our own and of those we care about. Continuing to live also means finding ways to go on. Dr. Diana and Dr. Lori Buckley (www.DrLoriBuckley.com) discussed relationship and life transitions – personally and clinically. Both docs have had partners/husbands who have died. Dr. Lori observed that either you fall into the void or you find meaning. A metaphor for life after loss is both powerful and apt: Think of it as a scattered jigsaw puzzle, where the pieces of one’s former life have been scattered and now must be reconfigured in a new way. Even smaller stressors can take their toll. The vast majority of us will be faced with one or more major traumatic stressors during a lifetime. Resilience can help with that. Dr Lori likes to focus “above the line” with more positive thoughts, mindfulness, and embracing change. Positivity expands awareness, begetting more positivity – more noticing, more engagement, more appreciation, and more trust. Little actions help build a reservoir of goodwill as we grieve, and keep our ongoing relationships replenished. This is an inspirational program!

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