Marc Ash – A Constitutional Crisis Is Brewing

The Russian election interference issue is heating up quickly. A lot of very powerful Congressional leaders, both Democrats and Republicans, are taking quite seriously the CIA’s findings that Russia deliberately influenced the recently concluded U.S. presidential election.

Leaving aside for the moment serious concerns about the CIA’s ability to be a fair broker of public information, in addition to the U.S. government’s own record on effecting regime change, often through unilateral military action, Russian involvement in the outcome of the November 8th election is absolutely being treated as an urgent matter at the highest echelons of American government, on both sides of the political divide.

Based on the backgrounds of the senators involved, the participation of NSA director James Clapper, and the statements being made, it is clear this is a highly focused effort to move Russian involvement in the elections to center stage – prior to Donald Trump’s inauguration and perhaps before the Electoral College convenes on December 19th.

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