New Show Coming To PRN Monday’s At 2PM EST: What In The Cell Is Going On?

Our first show will be in honor of April’s baby girl, exposing the dangers of vaccines. It will be the information I provide in my presentation that reveals all the misinformation we all had to learn the hard way! It uncovers the exemptions to avoid vaccines, ingredients, conflicts of interest, researchers proving, natural decline in diseases, congressional hearings and how the vaccines are the underlying cause of ALL dis-ease “labels”.


picRenée is the President and keynote speaker for VIC Fellowship, which stands for Vaccine Information Coalition and former President of The Autism Autoimmunity Project (TAAP). Her presentation provides over 30 years of research, facts and congressional hearings to enable you to make an informed choice concerning the CDC’s recommended vaccines. Autism is 1 in 36 children today, 1 in 28 little boys and it’s impossible to have a genetic epidemic!

Renée has written many articles in Chiropractic and Health magazines. She has been interviewed on radio shows such as RBN (Republic Broadcasting Network), The Power Hour, Radio Liberty, We the People and several others. She was interviewed by WSVN FOX News and has been on WYKE Christian Television”, in Florida. Renée travels the world presenting regularly at churches, health food stores, birthing centers, holistic groups, healing centers, chiropractic schools and offices. She has presented for The College of Naturopathic Medicine in the UK, Torah to the Tribes, Passion for Truth Ministries, Sherman & Palmer Chiropractic College, Hallelujah Acres, Westin Price Foundation, Michael Rood Ministries, Restoration Fellowship, Hippocrates Healing Institute and many more. Her presentation shows the underlying cause of ALL dis-eases and her husband Gary’s presentation shows the reversal our Creators way! Please visit our website @ for updated information exposing the truth about the dangers of vaccinating and call 800-939- 8227 to schedule a presentation in your area. We do not charge to deliver this “end time” message that is VERY important today!



GaryGary L. Tunsky is the President and keynote speaker for Precision Healing Cell-utions. Tunsky has a 30+ year diverse background and is a world renowned cellular disease specialist incorporating a custom tailored, multifaceted naturopathic treatment approach. He pulls from a wide range of the healing arts such as homeopathy, heavy metal chelation, detoxification, nutrition to name a few.

Gary’s a recognized international speaker/lecturer on the cause and reversal of ALL dis-ease “labels” and has been a frequent host to a variety of radio and television interviews, such as the Power Hour, Hebrew Nation Radio & Biblical Health TV. He has presented at ministries such as Torah to the Tribes, Passion for Truth, A Rood Awakening, Restoration Fellowship and many other churches. He has also presented at Baylor University and The College of Naturopathic Medicine in London! His passion is to teach scripturally based spirit, soul and body scriptural science to the remnant of all ministries that believe and follow our Creator.

Tunsky has authored the extraordinary best seller “The Battle for Health is Over pH” and is currently finalizing his revolutionary new book entitled “What in the Cell is Going On?” with a paralleled 12 part DVD teaching series. Gary’s quest for legitimate unbiased science has led him to dissect the greatest scientific minds of the 19 th and 20 th century, leading him to the foundational framework of a new biology called CYTOPATHY (any disorder of a cell or anomaly of any of its constituents; a branch of pathology that studies the effects of disease on the cellular level). He has opened up new doors to the world of integrative biological medicine in relation to the revolutionary, cutting edge customized cellular treatment protocols.

Tunsky brings an island of clarity from a sea of chaos, mystery and confusion perpetrated by medical science. His profound simple discovery of one dis-ease condition “Cellular Malfunction” renamed 12,001 different ways based on new sets of symptoms and the specific cell disorder, will bring a necessary change to medical science pathophysiology.

Gary’s divine revelation is laying the framework of a groundbreaking field of study scientifically grounded in the interdependent synchronized relationships between 1) molecular biology 2) cellular physiology 3) nutritional biochemistry 4) microbiology 5) electro genetics 6) quantum physics 7) homotoxicology 8) epigenetic 9) clinical ecology and 10) bioinformatics. He has published a vast array of newsletters and articles for grassroots publications, such as the Health Crusador.

Gary Tunsky is the designer/formulator of the first and foremost 21 day, 24 hour a day whole body cellular cleanse system. His three phase cellular treatment protocol consists of 1) Cellular detoxification 2) Cellular restoration and 3) Cellular maintenance and is second to none, as it’s tailored to the individual. Gary’s presentation will be based on his amalgamated wisdom from compiled data and scientific facts extracted from hundreds of medical research books and thousands of health journals and peer reviews. He has successfully tested and tried reversing hundreds of patients with degenerative, metabolic and autoimmune ailments.

Tunsky’s extraordinary insight into uncovering the hidden culprit lurking behind all health related issues will bring you a panoramic “cellivision” view of all pieces to the dis-ease mystery puzzle. Once we all recognize the existence of one systemic disease condition repackaged 40,000 different ways, breaking disease up into the “gist” specialty fields (neurologist, cardiologist, psychologist, endocrinologist) becomes obsolete and counterproductive to healing. The implementation of Tunsky’s unified theory has had a profound impact on the treatment success to a wide spectrum of dis-ease “labels”, such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, fibromyalgia and autoimmune disorders. By correcting cellular malfunction almost all dis-ease “labels” can be reversed, by normalizing cell process to peak performance.

In conclusion, Gary Tunsky’s GUT Theory (grand unified theory) provides a powerful framework in revealing the true causes and reversals of cellular dis-ease. Gary is a pioneer paving the way to the leading edge of tomorrow’s health sciences by creating a paradigm shift towards a genuine health care system. For more information please visit or call 888-863- 1733.