Ask Beatty – 10.16.17

October is DOMESTIC VIOLENCE AWARENESS month.  Take a moment and make a list of all the people in your life, includingg family, colleagues, friends and bosseswho treat you poorly and with disrespect.  Abuse is not just physical and sexual.  The pain of surrounding yourself with people who are emotionally and verbally abusive is something that none of us should ever …


Ask Beatty – 10.09.17

October is DOMESTIC Violence Awareness month and yet I have yet to hear this issue being tackled in the mainstream media.  Instead Hugh Hefner, Harvey Weinstein, Donald Trump…. all men who have abused and objectified  women in a variety of ways for years have taken center stage.  And what do we still not know about Stephen Paddock the Las Vegas mass …


Ask Beatty – 10.02.17

Asking for Help…..A Sign of Courage. BEATTY talked about the importance  of forgiveness and detailed the steps that we all need to take if we are SERIOUS about mending our various relationships. TAKE THE STEP TODAY!!!! TO LIFE AND LOVE, XXXBEATTY     Download this episode (right click and save)


Ask Beatty – 09.25.17

The Jewish New Year is a reminder for all of us to evaluate our lives and relationships in a variety of ways and be open to making the necessary changes that will improve our day to day living. Are you open to doing the work?   TO LIFE AND LOVE, BEATTY Download this episode (right click and save)


Ask Beatty – 09.11.17

HOW AN ORDINARY DAY TURNED EXTRAORDINARY  TODAY is 16  years since the 9/11 tragedy.  Beatty talked about the emotional impact of this event and talked about the signs and symptoms of posttraumatic stress disorder. (PTSD)    Her guest today is ANNETTE, who from her NYC apartment, witnessed people jumping out of windows……in an effort to survive.    BEATTY also discussed …


Ask Beatty – 08.28.17

Beatty talked about the shocking divorce statistics in the United States and discussed 7 ways that we can try and divorce proof our marriages.  Are you stuck in a toxic marriage?  Hear the 9 reasons why women stay in bad marriages and learn when is it time to seriously end a relationship. Remember that in order to improve a relationship …


Ask Beatty – 08.21.17

Are you wondering why your unresolved depression, anxiety or substance abuse or sexual problems continue to get in the way of your life and relationships or why you continue to engage in destructive or self destructive behaviors but don’t know why?  BEATTY tells you exactly what you need to do to to finally put these issues to rest. She also …


Ask Beatty – 08.14.17

Could we have prevented James Alex Field’s acts of terrorism  in Charlottesville?     Are you aware of the shocking divorce and statistics in this country?   And if you and your partner are contemplating divorce, DO not contact a lawyer until you ask yourself these 11 questions.      To Life and Love,  BEATTY  Download this episode (right click …


Ask Beatty – 08.07.17

Beatty talked about the 7 skills that we all need to LEARN (yes, resilience is a learned skill like tennis or cooking) to build resilience in our lives.  Her guest today was Anthony (Tony) Papa, an artist, author, advocate against the war on drugs, co-founder of the Mothers of the New York Disappeared, Manager of Media and Artist Relations at …


Ask Beatty – 07.24.17

NEVER MAKE A MISTAKE IN LOVE AGAIN! For those of you who missed my presentation at Saks Fifth Avenue,  today’s show will educate and empower you and keep you safe……IF you are willing to learn my 10-step fail-safe formula for assessing who’s right or wrong for you BEFORE committing to any serious relationship.   The choice is YOURS! To Life …