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Gary Null
Progressive Radio Network, April 24, 2017

The mainstream media’s coverage of the vaccination debates, whether or not vaccines are safe and effective and whether they may be a fundamental cause for the rising rates in childhood mental disorders and physical illnesses, has been dismal. There is no honest debate in the public media today. There is no ethical debate as to whether vaccination warrants mandates. Corporate domination of the drug industry is not the only force suppressing honest, objective discussion about vaccinations’ pros and cons. Lack of education and a pervading ignorance about immunological science and the large body of medical literature that cautions vaccines’ risks and life threatening consequences are equally rejected. Fox’s Tucker Carlson’s recent interview with Robert Kennedy Jr is a case example of the extent that media pundits will go to jabber on subjects where they lack sufficient education.

There is also a growing problem within the anti-vaccination community itself. A division has occurred between those who only advocate safer vaccines, which would require the removal of certain ingredients, mostly notably aluminium and mercury, and a growing contingent that find scientific evidence to conclude that all vaccines are wreaking havoc on children’s bodies. This latter group opposes vaccines in general due to the severe lack of credible scientific literature to conclude their safety. The unfortunate consequences of this internal debate within this so-called anti-vaccine community may be confusing the public. People end up believing that it is only the toxic chemicals in vaccine preparations that threaten their children’s health. Yet they remain unaware of the many other long term adverse effects vaccines may inflict upon the immune system and other bodily systems. Those who only advocate for the removal of chemical additives are ignoring a huge body of other research that strengthens the argument against vaccination in principle.

It is also valuable to understand that the anti vaccination movement that has emerged and become more vocal during the past two decades is not a new phenomena in the United States. Although the rise in opposition is largely the result of dramatic spikes in rates of neurological and developmental disorders such as autism spectrum disorder, ADHD and other mental disorders, there have been medical voices questioning vaccine efficacy and safety since the days vaccination became public policy. Since the time Edward Jenner’s smallpox vaccine in the early 19th century, there has been strong vocal opposition against the practice and even stronger resistance to government vaccination mandate efforts.The famous British naturalist, Alfred Russel Wallace, and friend of Charles Darwin, co-founded one of the first large popular anti-vaccine movements in the England. And then author and British parliamentarian George Bernard Shaw was adamant that vaccine science was a barbaric invention that would eventually create havoc in the health of children. One anti-demonstration held in 1885 in the city of Leicester drew over 100,000 protesters. Other famous anti-vaccination spokespersons included Mahatmas Gandhi and the Nobel Laureate Bertrand Russell.

In the US, by 1880 there were already vibrant anti-vaccination organizations around the nation. Most important were the Anti-Vaccination Society of America, The New England Anti-Compulsory Vaccination League, and the Anti Vaccination League of New York City. These organizations distributed literature and pamphlets warning of vaccine risks and examples of permanent injuries and multiple vaccine-induced deaths. They fought vigorous court battles in courts and state legislatures. Before the turn of the century, the anti-vaccinationists succeeded in repealing mandatory vaccine laws in California, Illinois, Indiana, Minnesota, Utah, West Virginia and Wisconsin. In Milwaukee and Montreal, riots were instigated to remove vaccine bills with extraordinary success.

During the course of the post-WW2 20th century, more and more Americans placed their faith in the advances of medical science and in the efficacy of vaccines in particular. It was believed that American medicine and the federal government would never permit any medical procedure to enter the market that would harm children. Indeed there were horrible vaccines administered such as the cellular pertussis and the contaminated polio vaccine with the carcinogenic SV40 simian virus. Countless children were injured but either the association between the illness and vaccinations were not made or injuries were easily forgiven.

After the passage of the Vaccine Injury Compensation Act by Ronald Reagan in 1986, the pharmaceutical and biotech industries went on a bonanza of research to invent and market new vaccines. No longer were the drug makers to be held accountable for vaccine induced injuries. Subsequently, by the mid 1990s as more vaccines entered the market, a steady rise in neurological disorders was being noted in children under 5 years of age. Autism was starting to enter the popular vocabulary as more parents were witnessing their small children regressing neurological at the time of vaccination. With the help of early media coverage and the internet, more and more parents and doctors were becoming aware of the epidemic in our midst. Subsequently a new anti-vaccinationist movement was born.

During the past decade, many medical doctors, pediatricians, molecular biologists and other scientists have come forth to speak against widespread vaccination and to challenge the faulty wisdom at the CDC and the nation’s vaccination advisory council that has been dominated by the private vaccine industry.

Below we are offering some of the more vocal and and important voices for vaccination sanity today, as well as what we consider to be the better websites to become better educated about the scientific flaws and untruths in the vaccination paradigm today.

The following are among the most outspoken medical professionals, researchers and scientists who oppose vaccination outright. These are the current leaders today in the modern Antivaccinationist Movement today.