Let’s Create A Better World – 09.26.15

September 26, 2015

Dr. Paul Drouin is a Canadian M.D., as well as a Homeopath, Acupuncturist, Quantum Naturopath, and Professor of Integrative Medicine. He has dedicated his life to the promotion of natural health, the prevention of disease, and to bringing a greater depth and understanding to Quantum Medicine and alternative methods to further his knowledge of curative, preventive, and Integrative Medicine. He has practiced and researched new approaches to medicine and is an ardent promoter of innovative methods of evaluation as a way to integrate quantum consciousness into the art of healing. In French Canada and throughout the world, he is considered a pioneer in his field. Our topics include discussion of the benefits of integrative medicine, the culture change of doctors and medicine in our society today, what the next generation should expect from scientific advancements in quantum medicine, the focus on staying healthy and avoiding “Dis-Ease” and the upcoming World Summit of Integrative Medicine October 5th-11th, 2015. Download this episode (right click and

It’s Our Money with Ellen Brown – It’s Nature’s Way of Telling You – 09.16.15

September 16, 2015

The evolution of financial systems is seldom matched with the evolution of biological systems, just as Western medicine has too long ignored nature’s own abilities to heal and sustain personal health. In both cases imposition of monetary control over these systems ignores signposts and laws that can lead to doom. Ellen speaks with co-author, physician and pharmacist Dr. Lynne Walker about the institutional hypocrisy that drives profits over people’s health, while co-host Walt McRee reviews Jamie Brown’s groundbreaking work on the wisdom of mimicking nature when designing new sustainable economic systems.

Heart of Mind Radio – 08.07.15

August 7, 2015

On today’s Heart Of Mind Radio, Host Kathryn Davis shares audio clips that bring our attention to the hidden self and the need for discovering, accepting and transforming those aspects that undermine our sense of well being.

The Gary Null Show – 08.05.15

August 5, 2015

Dr. Marc Grossman is a doctor of optometry and licensed acupuncturist practicing at the Sommers Eye Center in Sommers, New York and in New Paltz. Nationally he has become known as the Holistic Eye Doctor and lecturers across the country about natural vision improvement, holistic integrative visual therapy and the psycho-emotional aspects of visual conditions. In his private practice, Dr. Grossman incorporates natural vision modalities such as acupuncture, diet and nutrition, and eye exercises. He is founder of the international bestselling book program “Magic Eye Beyond 3D” which has helped 10s of millions of people during the past 20 years. Marc has written five books including “Natural Eye Care: Your Guide to Healthy Vision.” His website is and he can be reached at 845-255-8222.

Women’s Health Risks Associated with Orthodox Medicine – Part 2

March 13, 2015

By, Gary Null, PhD, Debora Rasio, MD, and Martin Feldman, MD   Conventional medicine would have us believe that only its treatments have passed the kind of careful scientific scrutiny needed to prove their safety and effectiveness. But this is not necessarily the case, as revealed by our review of the medical literature on a number of women’s health issues. This review, presented as a three-part series, shows that the practices of orthodox medicine may not provide the benefits generally attributed to them or may be associated with a heightened risk of health problems. Importantly, the criticism of these treatments does not come from the proponents of complementary and alternative medicine. Rather, it comes from research articles published in the mainstream medical press itself. Orthodox medicine’s own journals raise questions about the efficacy of many conventional practices related to women’s
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