Expat Files – 09.22.17

#1- Expat Eddie outlines a few of his own pointed Latin learning experiences as a gringo boss, including interviewing, hiring, firing, managing and training Latin workers. #2- When gringos get into car accidents. What if a gringo didn’t know Spanish, had an expired driver’s license and no insurance. On top of that, what if he totaled the other guy’s car, …


Vijay Prashad – Tens of Thousands of Child Refugees Are Missing in Europe, and Many More Are Suffering a Plight Beyond Imagination

In memory of Jo Cox, 1974-2016, campaigner for immigrants and refugees, MP from Batley and Spen (Yorkshire). UNICEF–the United Nations Children’s Emergency Fund–has released two reports on the tragic situation of refugee children who are fleeing areas of conflict and poverty for the West. These reports–Danger Every Step of the Way (June 5) and The Refugee Crisis in Europe (June 16)–are …


Interview with Chris Hunt from GRACE – 12.03.15

Special Advisor on Food and Agriculture

Chris Hunt serves as special advisor on food and agriculture at GRACE, where he provides strategic input on the organization’s efforts to build a sustainable food future. Chris has written extensively about food and agriculture issues; his work has appeared in Civil Eats, Huffington Post, AlterNet and Ecocentric. His areas of interest and expertise include industrial livestock production, food waste, urban agriculture and food systems advocacy. Before GRACE, Chris worked as an Alumni Memorial Scholar research fellow at Colgate University, and has served two terms on the board of directors of the Hudson River Sloop Clearwater. Chris earned a BA in environmental economics from Colgate University. He’s an ardent proponent of bicycling, composting, accepting peculiar travel suggestions and walking up mountains.