Expat Files – 04.19.15

April 19, 2015

-We’ve been getting conflicting reports on the situation in Argentina. Some long term expats living there say it’s deteriorating rather slowly while others say its in the fast lane heading for a nearby cliff. Some say its heaven and other say hell. The answer all depends if one is flush with US dollars or stuck dealing day to day with the local peso. Though all agree there has to be an all-out economic calamity of sorts, what with a 40% yearly inflation rate and near general prohibition of US dollar use. Even if Argentina faces somewhat the same fate as Venezuela (they’ve been through it many times before) it’s still a land of opportunity for expats … but not for the inexperienced or faint of heart. At least for now, it can be recommended only for more adventurous chance-taker expats- and of course the wealthy folks who can buffer themselves in exclusive areas far from the maddening crowds. Note, they’re getting madder and madder by the day. -Drones in Latin America: glimpsed my first Latin American drone last week, it flew right over my head- and you’ll never guess where. Because they’re so very rare down here (at least as

Ukrainian Government Condemns Russia’s Celebration of Victory Against Nazis

April 10, 2015

The Ukrainian Government said on April 7th that any country sending representatives to Russia’s celebration of the 70th anniversary of their victory against Adolf Hitler, will be blacklisted by Ukraine. That celebration will take place on May 9th. According to the Russian news report, “Over the weekend, Kremlin Chief of Staff Sergei Ivanov noted that the leaders of at least 25 states from across the world will attend Moscow’s celebrations. … The leaders of China, Vietnam, the Czech Republic, Cuba and North Korea have confirmed their attendance. Meanwhile, the leaders of Germany, Britain, Poland, the Baltic States and the United States have confirmed that they won’t be attending.” The United States and Ukraine were two of only three countries that voted at the United Nations against a recent resolution condemning the resurgence of fascism or racist fascism (nazism), or of Holocaust-denial. The resolution didn’t name or identify any particular country or countries. The U.S. representative to the UN said that she voted against it because Ukraine’s UN representative voted against it. The third nation that voted against it was Canada, which voted against it because the U.S. voted against it. Germany, Britain, Poland, and the Baltic States, abstained from voting on it. Ukraine’s

Argentine archaeologists find secret Nazi lair in jungle

March 24, 2015

A team of Argentine archaeologists investigating a series of ruins in the jungle, close to the border with Paraguay, believe they have discovered a secret Nazi lair. The cluster of stone structures, now covered by thick vines and accessible only when using a machete to cut through the undergrowth, contain stashes of German coins from the late 1930s, fragments of “Made in Germany” porcelain, and Nazi symbols on the walls. “We can find no other explanation as to why anyone would build these structures, at such great effort and expense, in a site which at that time was totally inaccessible, away from the local community, with material which is not typical of the regional architecture,” said Daniel Schavelzon, leader of the team. Read
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