What Women Must Know – Holistic Solutions for Healing Your Eye Health Issues with Dr. Sam Berne – 03.22.18

Dr. Sam Berne has been in private practice in New Mexico for over 25 years and is an established leader in functional medicine. He uses holistic optometry and vision therapy to improve eye health, vision, and overall wellness. He understands and treats the body as one integrated system rather than a collection of independent organs, in order to identify and …


The Personal Computer Radio Show – 03.08.18

THE NEWS 1. The iPhone X didn’t sell as well as anticipated 2. Spectrum lowers price to compete with cable-cutters 3. Pluto TV Cord Cutting Free TV Service 4. Flippy the Burger Flipping Robot 5. Best Buy Geek Squad being paid by the FBI 6. Cellebrite bypasses IOS authentication up through 11.2.6 FEATURE SEGMENTS Wearable and Health Technologies – Dr …

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Let’s Create A Better World – 03.01.18

David Serio, a nutritional biochemist, David has treated peiple with chronic illnesses for over 20 years. His specialty is cleansing. He speaks about various forms of cleansing, which is his specialty. His discussion is about a wide variety of ways of food, drinks and a healthy way of living. David emphasizes flax seed oils and also mentions other oils. Among …


Expat Files – 02.16.18

Descriptions- EXPAT FILES SHOW #734- FRI, FEB 16- (02-16-2018): #1- The gringo “sucker” setup: A short primer on how some fresh new gringo expats literally set themselves up to be gouged and/or ripped off.   #2- A few words about so- called Latin “Helicopter” Schools If you recall, they’re high-end private k-12 schools that generally have a few real USA …


Visionaries – 01.22.17

“TV Shows, Movies and Philosophical Zombies.” Today Lobell was supposed to continue with his book recommendations, but he got distracted by artificial intelligence, TV shows, and philosophical zombies. He discusses the new TV series, “Counterpart” about parallel universe intelligence agencies, and also creatures with no inner life. Download this episode (right click and save)


Ask The Blood Detective – Strong Immune System Show – 01.27.18

The flu, bacteria and fungal infections are increasing to exponential numbers. Mutations of infectious organisms occur from natural process, the use of antivirals, antibacterials and antifungals and from other factors. Nutrition is fundamental for a well-balanced and resilient immune system. Join Dr. Michael Wald, The Blood Detective, as he explores the “ins-and-outs” of your immune system and how to optimize …


Expat Files – 12.31.17

#1-Ten things expats need to know about prostitution and sex tourism in Latin America   #2- NEWS FLASH! Nicaragua has imposed new immigration regulations making it mandatory all visitors file a personal itinerary document at least seven days in advance of their arrival. Today we highlight the details of this latest intrusive Nica govt initiative. Note that travel and hospitality …