Focus On The Facts – 04.24.18

Patricia Negron and I covered the methods now being used to take down the Global Pedophile Network and the involvement of the Vatican, governments, politicians and world leaders in running this Network. Also discussed latest news on child trafficking arrests, Geoengineering weather warfare and the illegal war in Syria.   Download this episode (right click and save)


The Torch – 04.23.18

Nadya Tannous represents Interfaith Peace Builders to Israel/Palestine. IFPB organizes diverse delegations to Israel/Palestine to become a grassroots force to change their own communities and create a new reality for Israel and Palestine. They work to end the crippling border blockade of Gaza by Israel and the return of Palestinians to their land on Israel. Alexey Yaroshevsky Senior Russian TV …


Expat Files – 04.20.18

Descriptions- EXPAT FILES SHOW #752-FRI, APR 20- (04-20-2018): #1- 101 reasons why I don’t use Flakebook, Titter Linkedin or any of the other antisocial media platforms, nor do I have a Smartphone: Listen to this rant if you dare. It’s guaranteed to ruin your day and give your stomach that sad, sinking feeling. #2- A few more words about the …



He’s brought back hostages from North Korea, Cuba,Iraq  and Sudan. He was governor of New Mexico, US ambassador the UN. He won my vote for president in 2008. Bill Richardson’s record is exceedingly impressive. On the first half, Governor Richardson talks about Myanmar, North Korea, and what American leadership could and should look like. And on part 2 international journalist …


Expat Files – 04.15.18

Descriptions- EXPAT FILES SHOW #751- SUN, APR 15- (04-15-2018): #1- The brutal truth about persistent bad smells in so many Latin restaurant restrooms and Latin bathrooms: Some smells will knock you over though most Latinos don’t seem to mind or even notice them. That’s just another something gringos and expats never seem to get used to- why should we? Problem …

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Ask The Blood Detective – Studies Show Little Benefit in Supplements (New York Times) – 04.14.18

The New York Times just came out with two stories that strongly deny any benefit of the use of nutritional supplements. Dr. Wald will review every major point contained within these articles. According to Dr. Wald, “Well there you have it! I am not undeniably convinced that there is an actual conspiracy regarding the use of vitamins and the medical …


Alternative Visions – Paul Ryan Resigns & Trump’ Trade Retreat – 04.13.18

Dr. Rasmus discusses House Speaker, Paul Ryan’s, announcement this past week to resign and what’s behind it. It’s not about spending more time with his kids or giving up on Trump. What it means for conservative plans to attach social security, medicare, education and other social programs to pay for the annual $1 trillion budget deficits for the next ten …


Expat Files – 04.13.18

Descriptions- EXPAT FILES SHOW #750- FRI, APR 13- (04-13-2018): #1- Getting residency and a 2nd Passport in Latin America; That second passport is your “get out of Dodge” free card when things get rough and Uncle Sam puts the hammer down and starts to limit freedom of movement. That’s what always happens when national calamities both natural and man-made strike …