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Keeping Democracy Alive – Pity the Poor Petro Nations//Fixing Medicare – 07.03.16

July 3, 2016

They used to be on top of the world. Remember the mighty OPEC countries? With the fall of the price of oil, countries like Saudi Arabia, Russia, and Venezuela are reeling. Professor Michael Klare looks at the nightmares unfolding and how we’ll be affected. And on part two, Doctor Andy Lazris talks about his new book Curing Medicare. As is so often the case, bringing democracy to the process would be a needed shot in the arm.

Keeping Democracy Alive – If Money Is Speech, How About a Gyrocopter? – 07.05.15

July 5, 2015

There are big jets and big media, but there’s also a one person gyrocopter and local media. Former postal worker Doug Hughes on April 15 flew his ultralight on to Capitol grounds with the goal of drawing attention to the revolving door of money and politics. Did it work? He’s about to go on trial on felony charges, see what he’s got planned next! It just might work.

Keeping Democracy Alive – The Tradition of American Democratic Socialism: 2016 Win? – 06.14.15

June 14, 2015

Bernie Sanders campaign is on fire at the moment. But it’s been said that when Americans hear the word Socialism, they stop thinking. Yet a clear majority actually agree with socialist positions on issues. Have we come far enough away from the fear used in the 1950s to actually elect a Democratic Socialist? History professor Lawrence Wittner analyzes where socialism has been in America and how it may impact who wins in 2016.

Keeping Democracy Alive – Goodbye Iraq, Now What?/Pressure on Obama for Transparency – 06.07.15

June 7, 2015

Though Iraq is less than 100 years old, it’s just about finished. Twenty Four year State Department veteran Peter Van Buren talks about what he sees as the last throes of what was never a real nation, with optimism for the future. And on part two, in addition to the push for a constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United, there’s a movement to push Obama to issue an executive order to require disclosure of political spending by government contractors. It may yet happen.
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