Expat Files – 09.08.17

#1- The real truth about “Gringo- vs- Latin” prices. Today’s first “boots on the ground” story shows you how to spot price gouging and work around that phenomena. #2- Johnny takes a trip to the hardware / building supply store. Today’s second “boots on the ground” story is for do-it-yourself types who like tinkering. #3- Some recent examples of the …


Expat Files – 08.20.17

#1- Ten Business tips for gringos and expats who are thinking about doing business in Latin America   #2- Smart gringos and expats often buy existing Latin business that are up for sale: Often such a Latin business may be failing or just getting by and treading water. Consequently, many Latin businesses are dirt cheap diamonds in the rough available at …


Alternative Visions – Venezuela Today: Eyewitness to Current Events – 08.18.17

Download this episode (right click and save) Alternative Visions radio welcomes guest, Pablo Vivanco, of Telesur Media in Latin America to explain what’s really going on in Venezuela as the Trump administration raises the spectre of possible military intervention in the democratic revolution in that country.  Dr. Rasmus describes the measures by which US elites and its deep state since …


Solartopia Green Power and Wellness Hour – 08.10.17

HOW DO WE STOP DONALD TRUMP FROM BLOWING UP THE WORLD? Following a successful “Nagasaki / Nixon Day” gathering ( www.solartopia.org ) aimed at abolishing nuke weapons and removing Donald Trump, we are joined by three great activist/experts in discussing the clear and present danger of a nuclear apocalypse…and how to prevent it from happening. Long-time Santa Monica-based JERRY RUBIN is joined …


Meria Heller – Stars R Us with Meria and Joseph Anthony – 08.06.17

8/7/17 Stars R Us, with Meria and Joseph Anthony. The astrology for the US, the planet and you for August. 2 eclipses from the same family this month  – directly through the United States – what will it mean for us? expect the unexpected;Mercury goes retrograde the 12th until Sept 5; “let the show begin”; changes to the US never seen before;Carl Calleman on …


Expat Files – 04.14.17

#1- Today we discuss another of the many media lists proposing the so called, most dangerous cities in the world. Once again most all of the cities are located in Latin America. Lets go through the list and check it out… #2-Venezuela is the only country in Latin America where the general population is getting skinnier, more physically fit (and …


Are Claims the US is Sabotaging Venezuela’s Economy Far Fetched?

As US-backed opposition groups take to the streets of Venezuela, following previously failed US-backed uprisings to effect regime change in the South American nation, Western analysts are particularly optimistic about the chances of success now considering the teetering state of Venezuela’s economy. The UK Independent in an article titled, “Venezuela accuses US of plotting coup as Washington warns of ‘imminent …


Progressive Commentary Hour – 06.14.16

Abby Martin has rapidly become a leading international voice among young American journalists and television hosts. She currently hosts the weekly investigative news program The Empire Files on the pan-Latin American network Telesur TV English out of Caracas Venezuela. The program features hard hitting investigative history and insights into subjects ignored by mainstream corporate media. Earlier she was the host of Breaking the Set on the Russia Today network, better known as RT. Abby is a founder of the organization Media Roots that supports citizen journalism, and serves on the board of the Media Freedom Foundation which manages Project Censored, which airs on the PRN network; and she also co-directed the film “99%: The Occupy Wall Street Collaboration.” The Empire Files series can be viewed at TheEmpireFiles.tv, past Breaking the Set shows can be seen on Youtube, and her personal website as an accomplished visual artist is AbbyMartin.org


These Are the World’s Most Miserable Economies

Thanks to off-the-charts inflation, Venezuela will probably retain the dubious honor of being the most miserable economy for a second year. Galloping inflation at an annual average of 98.3 percent last year alongside 6.8 percent unemployment earned the South American country the runaway top spot on the 2015 misery index. With no end in sight for Venezuela’s economic woes — estimates in Bloomberg surveys predict consumer price growth of …