Expat Files – 03.12.17

#1- Ten critical things Expats need to know before they consider hiring a Latin building contractor or construction work crew #2- Things you should expect to experience when living in a gated/guarded community #3-Security cameras for Expats. Should you have them? Are they necessary? #4- The use and abuse of DRONES in Latin America. Yes, all the latest and greatest …


Expat Files – 01.15.17

#1- Residency and Passport rules and procedures in the Dominican Republic: Yes, the regs and time-frames been changed again in the DR and supposedly “streamlined” for the umpteenth time- though few govt sites have been updated to reflect the changes. Even officials don’t really seems to know the real dope on what’s going on. We’ll see…

Cuban Prime Minister Fidel Castro told a massive May Day rally in Havana that the U.S. State Department is preparing "an aggression against Cuba through Guatemala", May 1, 1960. Earlier, the crowd, estimated at over quarter of a million, interrupted Castro to chant "Cuba yes, Yankees no."   (AP Photo)

Steve Wasserman – Reflections on the Death of Fidel

Nearly 60 years ago, Herbert Matthews of The New York Times interviewed a rebel-with-a-cause most people thought was dead. Matthews’ scoop in the tangled jungle of Cuba’s Sierra Maestra proved that the man was alive. His name (which in its entirety was but four syllables) would soon come to be known the world over. To his followers, the first two …


Bill Bigelow – Support Indigenous Rights: Abolish Columbus Day

The movement to abolish Columbus Day and to establish in its place Indigenous Peoples Day continues to gather strength, as every month new school districts and colleges take action. This campaign has been given new momentum as Indigenous peoples throughout the Americas assert their treaty and human rights. Especially notable is the inspiring struggle in North Dakota to stop the toxic Dakota Access …


Farming with forests

Feeding the world’s burgeoning population is a major challenge for agricultural scientists and agribusinesses, who are busy developing higher-yielding crop varieties. Yet University of Illinois researchers stress that we should not overlook sustainability in the frenzy to achieve production goals. More than a third of the global land area is currently in food production. This figure is likely to expand, …


The Gary Null Show – 09.29.16

Today On “The Gary Null Show” Gary opens up the show with the latest in health and healing while in the second half of the program he goes to some of the audio files. Gary covers the bad effects of eating shark has to the body, while telling you about the new DASH Diet. Mr Null also goes over the latest in corporate america and racial profiling. In the second half video section of the show Gary plays clips showing how Obama and Bill Clinton support Trump and more on the Clinton Foundation. Gary also goes to some commentaries from Chrishedges