Episode 2: CoffeeTalk.co “Let’s Talk Crypto!” – Mining

CoffeeTalk.co “Let’s Talk Crypto!” On today’s show our topic is “mining.” Joya’s guests are Dan and Jack, two “miners” currently mining cryptocurrencies.  Dan and Jack share everything you need to know about the current state of mining from a perspective of miners.  The knowledge shared on the show was vast and so interesting that we have decided to have this …


New Show Coming To PRN April 3rd: CoffeeTalk.co “Let’s Talk Crypto!”

CoffeeTalk.co “Let’s Talk Crypto!”   GRAB A CUPPA COFFEE AND LET’S TALK CRYPTO! Join us each TUESDAY at 11am EST for our one-hour ALIVE IN NEW YORK “audience participation” RADIO SHOW that focuses on seven specific areas of Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Technology: WHAT, HOW, WHEN, WHY 1.  History, Current Events & Education – Learning and understanding the future of digital currency SHOW ME THE …


Meria Heller – Stars R Us, with Meria and Joseph Anthony – 01.07.18

1/5/18 Stars R Us, with Meria & Joseph Anthony. The astrology for 2018; Saturn in Capricorn;high vibrational year changing everything; weather anomalies and creation; global cooling;February frequencies increase; nano dust;11/2 year in numerology; more enlightenment, awareness; need to change; let go; go with the flow;Jupiter aligns to Pluto & Neptune-more happiness; social year; values change; eclipses and the USA;3 Mercury retrogrades;5 eclipses;Mars retrogrades for …


Expat Files – 12.15.17

#1- How gringos and Expats in Latin America are making money in the cryptocurrency space. Today we discuss just how even here in Latin America certain gringos and expats are making making good dough with multiple cryptocurrency projects. Some are making money by becoming bitcoin and crypto- currency miners and its not all that hard or technical. In fact, at …


Alternative Visions – 1500% for them; 0.5% for Us: Bitcoins vs. Wages -12.08.17

Dr. Rasmus goes in depth on the bitcoin mania and the bubble now at more than $15,000 a coin—a 1500% increase in speculative profits in 2017…and rising. What are the determinants and drivers of the Bitcoin mania, the ‘digital tulips’ bubble of today? Rasmus discusses the fundamental causes as blockchain technology and central bankers’ decades of massive liquidity injection into …


Alternative Visions – Behind Bitcoin Mania & Trump Tax Cut Ideology – 12.04.17

Dr. Rasmus discusses the 9 major ‘drivers’ behind the growing bubble in Bitcoin and other crypto currencies, as well as potential channels of contagion to other financial markets once the bubble bursts. The connection between Blockchain tech and bitcoin and cryptos are explained, as well as the emerging shift from ‘retail’ speculator to professional investing in Bitcoin, options trading, legitimization …


The Torch – 11.26.17

What are the Paradise Papers? The document dump that shocked the world again with the vast network of tax havens and money laundering organizations that link the .1% in the biggest tax dodge in world history. Sports, figures, artists, banks and hedge funds have parked assets and intellectual property off-shore stiffing schools, infrastructure and public utilities which depend on our …


Trends This Week – Celente’s farewell show: false heroes, China’s rise and the JFK files – 10.25.17

Global forecaster Gerald Celente, in his last show,  takes PRN.fm listeners on a globalnomic tour of critical emerging trends: The business of America is war, the business of China is business; there’s no stopping the rise of digital currencies across the globe; the cast of the Presidential Reality Show grows bigger; and a unique insight into the state of the …


Trends This Week – Economic flash points to watch – 10.18.17

Rising interest rates are in the offing. The high-end real estate sector is in decline. China, Russia and India are buying gold. And cryptocurrency markets are on fire as the world goes cashless. What do these and other economic indicators signal: Stage 1 Recession is nearing. And Gerald Celente explains what that means. Download this episode (right click and save)