Leid Stories—The Trump Presidency: In What Ways Has It Changed, Or Is Changing, Your View of Politics?—03.14.18

Almost no one is neutral about President Donald Trump. But whether pro or con on the president, there’ll be agreement that Trump has dramatically impacted—and changed—politics in the United States. Leid Stories listeners decipher how, in a very short time, Trump has reset America’s political clock.   Download this episode (right click and save)  



I continue my deep-dive series interviewing scores of progressives candidates running all across the country with three new segments with three Congressional candidates: James Thompson in Kansas, David Gill in Illinois and Rico Franco in California…all regular people jumping into the electoral world. Our Robber Barons of the week are the U.S. Senate fools—including 12 Democrats—who are supporting a rollback …


The Intelligence Hour with Kevin Shipp – 03.05.18

“On today’s monthly edition of The Intelligence Hour, host Kevin Shipp interviews former Canadian Royal Mounted Police (equivalent of US FBI) Investigator Bill Majcher  on Clinton Foundation money laundering and other crimes. Inspector Majcher is an international expert on global money laundering, especially as it relates to the Clinton Foundation’s illegal activities. Host Kevin Shipp discusses the international espionage activities of Bill and Hillary Clinton, and the Clinton Foundation. This is …


Focus On The Facts – 03.06.18

Patricia Negron and I covered the latest news on the take-down of the Global Pedophile Network and discussed the numerous sexual abuse scandals at the Vatican and the current trial of Cardinal George Pell in Australia. Also questioned why known pedophiles like Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden and the Hollywood perverts and rapists are still walking around free with no …


The Conspiracy Guy – 02.21.18

Conspiracy Guy Show #64: Obvious DNC/Zionist propaganda op. Image of shooter wearing a MAGA hat. In close vicinity to Mar-a-Lago. At a time the Democrats need to change the subject (with the Russian hacking meme falling apart and the scandals of FBI collusion with the Hillary campaign making front-page news); it occurs in the District of Debbie Wasserman Schultz (Surprise! Surprise!), the …


Leid Stories—Running Out of Options and Wiggle Room on Multiple Criminal Probes, the Clintons May Play Their Biggest ‘Trump’ Card: Barack Obama!—02.08.18

Bill and Hillary Clinton, veteran survivors of many personal and political battles and scandals, won’t come out of their current predicament unscathed. Their magic formula—deny everything, accuse their accusers, and feed fresh meat to the hounds at their heels—doesn’t seem to be working. They’re smack-dab at the center of multiple criminal investigations, any one of which could net them and …


Leid Stories—Dr. Jeffrey Perry Presents ‘Hubert Harrison, Father of Harlem Radicalism’ (Part 2)—02.07.18

Longtime union activist and independent scholar Dr. Jeffrey Perry presents Part 2 of his portrait of Hubert Harrison, “the father of Harlem radicalism,” whose political philosophies were far ahead of their time. Harrison influenced the thinking of many Black leaders of the day—both within the United States and the African diaspora—but is not widely known. Perry preserved and inventoried the …


LOA Daily – 02.07.18

The Law of Attraction: The Basics of the Teachings of Abraham, Section II Today we look at Part II, The Law of Attraction. The first section is entitled, The Universal Law of Attraction: Defined. This is the heart of the book, the part everyone wants to know more about. Don’t miss this episode if you want to really understand how …


Leid Stories—Dr. Jeffrey Perry Presents ‘Hubert Harrison, Father of Harlem Radicalism’—02.06.18

A mere shadow of its past, Harlem today gives almost no hint that it was the epicenter of the Black world. Segregationist, white-supremacist laws and policies rigidly controlled life in America, especially in its nonwhite communities, and the system thought it would permanently have the upper hand. It vastly underestimated the enduring impact of the Black church and radical Black …


Leid Stories—State of Disunion 2018: A People’s Assessment of Donald Trump and His Administration (Part 3)—01.30.18

President Donald Trump had the nation’s attention last night and he basked in all 80 minutes of it, priming the pump for a national tour that will reiterate and underscore his speech’s major points. Several Democratic senators and more than two dozen House members legislators boycotted the president’s State of the Union address and others, mostly Democrats, wore black to …