Joseph Mercola – How to Prevent and Treat Kidney Problems With Food

February 16, 2016

Your kidneys — two bean-shaped organs — are located just below your rib cage one on either side of your spine. Positioned on top of each kidney are your adrenal glands. Each day, your kidneys filter up to 150 quarts of blood and flush out waste products through your urine [3]. One of the reasons why you need to drink enough water is to ensure healthy kidney function. In fact, chronic low-grade dehydration is one of the most common causes of kidney stones. Poor kidney function is also associated with a number of other serious health problems, including diabetes [4], hypertension, and heart disease. Common signs of kidney problems include: Frequent urination Problems urinating Pain or burning sensation during urination Constant thirst Read

Couch potatoes may have smaller brains later in life

February 11, 2016

Poor physical fitness in middle age may be linked to a smaller brain size 20 years later, according to a study published in the February 10, 2016, online issue ofNeurology®, the medical journal of the American Academy of Neurology. “We found a direct correlation in our study between poor fitness and brain volume decades later, which indicates accelerated brain aging,” said study author Nicole Spartano, PhD, with Bin Boston. For the study, 1,583 people enrolled in the Framingham Heart Study, with an average age of 40 and without dementia or heart disease, took a treadmill test. They took another one two decades later, along with MRI brain scans. The researchers also analyzed the results when they excluded participants who developed heart disease or started taking beta blockers to control blood pressure or heart problems; this group had 1,094 people. Read

Mapping Study Pins Wild Bee Decline on Intensive Farming Practices

February 10, 2016

A national study suggests that intensive farming is perhaps the greatest danger to wild bee survival. Led by University of Vermont scientist Dr. Insu Koh, the research team is the first to compare the species’ population over time with the location of pollinator-dependent crops. The researchers found that between 2008 and 2013, the abundance of wild bees dropped in almost a quarter of the contiguous United States. The study suggests that conversion of grassland and pasture to row crops is the driving force behind the disappearance of bees–not pesticides, climate change, or disease. The researchers assembled a map to illustrate the areas most in danger, highlighting where the balance between crops in need of bees and the available bee population is unbalanced. A web app also depicts the data. Read

The U.S. and Canada Have Among The Highest Death Rates In The World For Alzheimers

February 9, 2016

Many scientists have believed that Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is passed through the family line and is genetic due to the possession of a particular set of genes, however research is showing the incidence is more correlated to excitotoxins and heavy metals which play a critical role in the development of several neurological disorders, especially in North America. Not Genetic Read

Adderall Side Effects Include Memory Loss And Brain Damage – Try These Natural Alternatives Instead

February 5, 2016

Adderall, the most popular drug for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), has been used by many of the 6.4 million American children currently diagnosed with ADHD but also misused by 20-30% of all students who are trying to gain better concentration for taking tests in college. It can be extremely addictive, and has a row of side effects including nervousness, dry mouth, poor circulation, numbness in fingers, difficulty breathing, stomach pains, loss of appetite, and heart problems. In rare cases Adderall can lead to mental illness and psychosis. And there also has been growing evidence that Adderall and similar ADHD medications may lead todamage to areas of the brain, especially if it is a developing brain of a child. How does Adderall work?   Read

Your Basic Thyroid Test May Not Be Enough

February 2, 2016

Moody, tired, or gaining weight? It could be your thyroid. Of course there are many underlying factors that could contribute to these frustrating  symptoms such as hormones, stress, neurotransmitter imbalance, etc. However, the prevailing culprit, your thyroid, is often left undiagnosed.  Thyroid malfunction is a common cause of these symptoms and is not even considered by many doctors. To make matters worse, the doctors who are aware of the role thyroid can play usually do not sufficiently assess the lab values that are needed to get a complete picture, and this results in the person not being treated properly. About 50% of the people suffering thyroid malfunction remain undiagnosed, which can increase the risk of other health issues such as cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, and infertility! Read

Maylin Rodriguez-Paez – Vitamin D and Omega-3s Increase Serotonin

January 21, 2016

Almost 44 million adults are estimated to have a mental illness in the United States, and the numbers seem to be increasing.1 While omega-3s and vitamin D have been previously suggested to help treat mental illnesses, the exact mechanisms by which they work are not clearly understood. Fortunately, a new study provides insight into their mood-boosting effects. The results were published in the journal FASEB. Read

Chickenpox, shingles vaccine may cause corneal inflammation in some patients

January 21, 2016

COLUMBIA, Mo. (Jan. 20, 2016) — In use for more than 20 years, the varicella zoster virus vaccine for chickenpox and shingles is considered an essential medicine by the World Health Organization (WHO). However, researchers from the University of Missouri School of Medicine have found, in rare instances, a link between the vaccine and corneal inflammation. It is a finding the researchers say should be discussed by primary care physicians and patients with a history of eye inflammation before getting vaccinated. “Keratitis, or inflammation of the clear layer on the front of the eye, is a vision issue that can cause serious complications or even permanent damage to your vision if left untreated,” said Frederick W. Fraunfelder, M.D., chair of the Department of Ophthalmology at the MU School of Medicine and director of MU Health Care’s Mason Eye Institute. “By studying case reports from national and international registries, we found at least 20 cases of keratitis occurred in children and adults within a month of administration of the chickenpox and shingles vaccine. While this is a rare occurrence, it’s important for physicians to know when giving the vaccine to individuals who have a history of the condition because it could

Walking for 150 minutes per week associated with improved wellbeing in over-50s

January 19, 2016

New research using data from The Irish Longitudinal Study on Ageing (TILDA) at Trinity College Dublin shows that being physically active, for example by walking for at least 150 minutes per week, is associated with more social participation and better mental health and wellbeing. However, only three out of five Irish adults aged 50 years and over walk for the recommended target of at least 150 minutes per week. The findings, which come from two separate reports, are summarised in a Research Brief released by TILDA today. The findings show that: Read

22,000 Nurses Refuse *Mandatory* Vaccinations

January 11, 2016

f you are a nurse in the US and refuse the flu vaccine (one the CDC has even admitted doesn’t always work, largely due to fast mutations and too slow of production) then you have to wear a face mask while on duty. Despite the fact that multiple studies have also shown that flu vaccinations are ineffective and do not offer any extra protection for hospital patients, hospitals are forcing the issue on some of their most prized employees. Some nurses are choosing to lose their jobs instead of being forced into receiving a vaccine. Others are fighting back by suing the hospital, state, and federal governments for $100,000,000 for trying to take away their constitutional rights.  Dr. Karen Sullivan Sibert, herself a pro-vaccine doctor, wrote an opinion piece explaining how requiring nurses to wear masks for refusing the flu vaccination violates HIPAA law for patient privacy. More importantly, it forces our front lines in the healthcare industry to take a concoction with numerous questionable ingredients, including known neurotoxins like aluminum, foreign proteins derived from GM ingredients, and more. Read
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