Expat Files – 09.08.17

#1- The real truth about “Gringo- vs- Latin” prices. Today’s first “boots on the ground” story shows you how to spot price gouging and work around that phenomena. #2- Johnny takes a trip to the hardware / building supply store. Today’s second “boots on the ground” story is for do-it-yourself types who like tinkering. #3- Some recent examples of the …


The Conspiracy Guy – 09.06.17

Conspiracy Guy Show #41: The hysteria over North Korea appears to be out of proportion to the threat posed, even though it seems to be making remarkable progress in nuclear technology in a brief span of time. Tough talk from the US pits it against South Korea, which prefers diplomacy to war. Putin expresses legitimate concern that overreactions may led …


Trends This Week – Junk News in the Media – 09.06.17

Download this episode (right click and save) In this episode of Trends This Week, Gerald Celente discusses the prominence of junk news in the media.  Real stories fail to make the headlines, yet CNN breaks the news of Hillary Clinton’s memoir.  All while the blatant failures of the United States Military are swept under the rug.  


Leid Stories—Hillary’s Book Tour Meant to Increase Her Political currency and Build Sympathy for Looming Mega Prosecutions Against Her and Husband Bill—09.06.17

Skipping across the country to promote and sell her recently released book, “What Happened”—her explanation for why she lost the 2016 election to Donald J. Trump—Hillary Clinton gives no hint that there’s much more than meets the eye. But there is. Leid Stories explains what she’s hiding. Download this episode (right click and save)


Economic Update – A Tale of Two Crises: 1929 and 2008 – 09.03.17

Updates on US working conditions 2017, looming US recession and plans for negative interest rates, schools raise funds by shaming poor school children, and the economics of fascism. Major discussion: why FDR’s New Deal (successful trickle up economics) was not repeated after 2008 (unsuccessful trickle down economics). Consequences of post-1945 destruction of coalition that produced New Deal. Download this episode …


Expat Files – 09.03.17

#1- Ten things you must know when taking on a Latino business partner: the do’s, dont’s, realities the pitfalls. #2- The scoop on gringo and expat legal name changes in Latin America: the why’s, where’s and the in’s and outs. #3- When gringos rip off gringos: Latin America is fertile ground for gringo con men and scammers. Surprisingly enough, gringos …

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The Gary Null Show – 09.01.17

The White House rogue gallery of crony capitalists and privateers, hatemongers, racists and climate change deniers John Nichols is a pioneering prolific progressive journalist who serves as the national affairs correspondent writing on domestic politics at The Nation magazine and is associate editor of the Capital Times in Madison, Wisconsin.  He is also a contributing author for The Progressive and …


Expat Files – 09.01.17

#1- Yes, I occasionally get weird questions from listeners. For example, how about this one, “Johnny what do you know about “circumcisions” in Latin America?” #2- In many Latin countries, more kids are born in the home, delivered by a “comadrona”( midwife), than in regular hospitals. Therefore in the home or campo (the boonies) there are very few caesarean births. …


Leid Stories—Repeat Offenders! The Clintons Dole Out ‘Charity’ in Africa (Part 2)—08.31.17

Having been called out on the slipshod and highly irregular administrative and business practices of the Clinton Foundation and its affiliated entities, it appeared Bill and Hillary Clinton began to shut down parts of their U.S.-headquartered operations, especially those that were running afoul of U.S. charity and other laws. At the same time, the foundation seems to be increasing its …