Rethinking The Cost of War

This story was co-published with The Virginian-Pilot. There are many ways to measure the cost of U.S. involvement in the Vietnam War: In bombs (7 million tons), in dollars ($760 billion in today’s dollars) and in bodies (58,220). Then there’s the price of caring for those who survived: Each year, the Department of Veterans Affairs spends more than $23 billion …


The Gary Null Show – 09.14.16

Today On The Gary Null Show, Gary opens up with the latest in health in healing and offers up a special on one of his amazing products. Gary sets a lot of time aside to speak with guests Taggart Siegel and Jon Betz. Today we have two guests Taggart Siegel and Jon Betz – the directors of a new documentary released this month – SEED: The Untold Story – that will premier in Manhattan this weekend, September 17 and 18, at the Cinema Village Theater. Taggart is the founder of the nonprofit media organization Collective Eye, which produces important, socially and spiritually relevant documentaries and films that confront the urgent stories and challenges of our times. Jon Betz is the film’s producer. In 2010, the two directed and produced the award winning documentary Queen of the Sun: What are the Bees Telling Us.” – which is a very beautiful and inspiring film to watch yet with its own pathos given the serious plight of honeybees. Similarly their new film SEED is about the plight of the future of seeds to feed a growing global population and beautifully portrays the pathos of preserving biodiversity in the face huge forces of power and wealth from the industrial chemical and food industry intent on homogenizing and dominated the world’s food supply. The film’s website with show information around the country is SeedTheMovie.com and their organization promoting important socio-political and spiritual films is CollectiveEye.org


Sophie Janicke – How Positive Media Can Make Us Better People

Deadpool is the highest-grossing film in the United States so far this year—and one of the most controversial. Though the film has scored points with critics and audiences for its irreverent take on the superhero genre, its extreme gore has raised some familiar questions and objections about the role of violence in films.  But look at the highest-grossing film of 2016 internationally, …


ANDREW O’HEHIR – Lessons of the Panama Papers: Yes, the rich are different from us — they stole our money

F. Scott Fitzgerald apparently never told his Parisian drinking buddy Ernest Hemingway, “Ernie, the rich are different from us,” only to be rebuffed by the legendary comeback, “Yes, they have more money.” Like so many famous anecdotes, that one was cooked up years after the fact (probably by Fitzgerald’s posthumous editor, the literary critic Edmund Wilson). One reason that apocryphal …


Gregg Levoy – The 5 Benefits of a Mortality Meditation, Part 1

“Warning: dates in calendar are closer than they appear.” —Bumper sticker I used to have an old episode of Peanuts tacked to the wall in my office. It showed Snoopy talking with a fruit fly, whose life span is only 24 hours and who confides his one regret: “I wish I knew at nine o’clock what I know now.” He doesn’t specify …


Adam Johnson – Democrats Have Better Grammar Than Republicans, Study Reveals

Democrats convinced they are smarter and better educated than their Republican friends and family may be right after all—at least in terms of being able to speak the English language properly. A new “study” [3] done by the grammar app Grammarly examined the Facebook comments of the supporters of all major Presidential candidates and noticed some startling patterns. According to USA Today: Supporters commenting …


Progressive Film Hour – Conscious Birthing – Creating A Better World in 9 Months – 03.10.15

This week, there are two films being featured on the theme of Conscious Conception, pregnancy, birth and beyond.  These films focus on the in utero experience of the embryo-fetus-infant, from conception forward, as the formative time of human development. It’s a fascinating period of time too frequently neglected in understanding human nature, attitudes, behavior and intelligence. The first film is Life Imitates Birth  …