Connect The Dots – How Fast Tracked Trade Deals Aim to Change Our Food Landscape Forever (And Not in a Good Way) – 03.25.15

Karen H-K

Interview with Karen Hansen-Kuhn,  Director, International Strategies at the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy (IATP)  about how trade deals rubber stamped via Fast Track will harm food and agriculture and degrade food choice.

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It’s All About Food – Jessica Nadel and Christina Ross – 03.24.15

Part I: Jessica Nadel, Greens 24/7
Jessica Nadel.Web.Photo credit Stacey LalandeJessica Nadel writes the popular blog Cupcakes and Kale. She has a passion for healthy, local, plant-based eating and thinks that in a diet of vibrant, nourishing meals there is room for a cupcake or two, as well. She is also the proprietor/baker at Oh My Bakeshop, a natural and organic bakery of special-order vegan goods. She lives in Ontario, Canada.
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Part II: Christina Ross, Love Fed
Christina Ross200Christina Ross is an Ambassador of Healthy Living, a dynamic conscious recipe and product creator, educator of vitality through the art of eating and living vibrantly, a freelance writer and blogger. Christina’s recipes and healthful lifestyle tips have been published in Natural Child World Magazine through her column “Love-Fed.” Christina also contributes recipes and articles to popular sites and works such as, Clean Food Living, Vegan Food Share, Organic Soul,, Just Eat Real Food,, and Kris Carr’s Christina keeps her many fans full of nutrient rich content through her blog and through television appearances, which have taken her to TODAY, Good Day Chicago, as well as San Diego Living. Learn more at

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GMO Labeling Will Not Increase Food Prices

gmo labeling

Tomorrow morning, the House Agriculture Committee will hold a hearing on the impact of GMO labeling on food prices.

Several witnesses will raise their hands and give sworn testimony that a simple disclosure on the back of a package that food made with genetically modified ingredients will raise food prices.

All of them will be wrong.

Here’s the truth: changing labels has no impact on the price of food. Food companies change their labels all the time to highlight innovations or make new claims. Remember when General Mills changed the Cheerios box to share the good news that its iconic cereal was GMO-free? Did the price change? No.

Here’s another dose of reality:  Shoppers do not read everything on the box, can or bottle. As my colleague Mike Lavender recently noted, shoppers tend to look for certain attributes – like calories or the presence of fiber – and disregard the rest.  So while some consumers will look for the GMO disclosure, many more will not.

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Kids and Screen Time: What Parents Should Know

Child with tablet

Children’s use of technology and social media has become a focus for modern-day parents. What is an appropriate amount of screen time and how should it be monitored? How does use of technology impact children?

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends children and teens generally have no more than one to two hours of screen time – including television, computers, and video games –  per day. For toddlers, the thinking continues to evolve – originally it was recommended that children have no screen time until age 2, but there is now more flexible thinking regarding interactive media such as Skype and FaceTime. Limited screen time is associated with a variety of long-term health benefits, including stronger language skills, more opportunities to engage socially, and lower rates of obesity. In fact, studies have shown that children may eat less healthy foods and find it difficult to attend to satiety cues when they eat while watching TV leading to larger portions, both which can also lead to obesity.

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